Monday, August 3, 2009

Allow me introduce myself...

You all already know me as Sickboy’s exercise buddy and partner in crime, but since you’ll be stuck reading my posts once a week, why don’t I tell you a little more about myself.

I grew up all over the place. Born in Ohio, I moved every few years (for my dad’s job) from Ohio to Michigan, Michigan to Pennsylvania, PA to Singapore (in Asia), Singapore back to Pennsylvania. Once I graduated high school, I moved to Syracuse, NY to attend Syracuse University. I just graduated from Syracuse (Go Orange) in December with a degree in public relations and minors and marketing and psychology and moved out to AZ, where my parents moved while I was in college and my older brother now lives. My parents still own their house here, but are living for 3-5 years in Shanghai (that’s what brought Ronnie to China over the holidays). I am currently working full time at a small start-up non profit -- but more on that later...

Now that we’ve gotten my standard story out of the way, let me give you a better idea of me. I think you can tell a lot about someone by the things they here’s a short list of things that I love: sunsets, the first sip of coffee in the morning, traveling, sailboats, live music, running, sun dresses, Skipbo, the first few hours after the sunrises, chocolate chip cookies, graphic design, time with family, bonfires, any and all candy (chocolaty and fruity), House Hunters (HGTV), surprises, Dunkin’ Donuts, Christmas morning, romantic comedies, hiking, and orchids.

That’s my brief give you a little glimpse into Sickboy’s lady and your Monday author. I’d love for you guys to introduce yourselves to me by giving a short list of things you love...

...I look forward to Monday’s with you. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and for reading my ramblings :)

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Katelyn said...

You have moved all over the place! Let's see... I like eating, sleeping, running (when it's not 110 outside),watching psychological thrillers, being outside in general, and making homemade birthday cards.

I'm glad that you'll be posting because it'll be nice to have the significant others perspective on CF. I've always wondered what they've thought. Can't wait to find out!

casey jones said...

Hey Mandi! Your one cool girl!!
here's somestuff I like:
adrenaline rushes, going to new places, trying new things(like sushi), Riding 4wheelers, Riding unicycles, Riding GoCarts, Driving Fast, Eating, Swimming, Competing, Going to church, sharing the word, Filming, Media, making beats, Editing, Trying to dance...

Just a few:)

lindsay michele said...

Where in PA?

Zoe Isabella said...

Hello, my name is Jada...Mom to Zoe (5 w/ CF). I have seen Ronnie's blog over at, then started reading it here.
I have to tell you, I absolutely cracked up watching ya'll Barbie video. OMG that was quite funny. :)
You two seem like a great couple. Our family is much like
Ronnie in the fact that we share about CF with anyone that will listen. We do it kind of like he does, you know sit the Creon on the table, if anyone asks about it, it gives us our opportunity. Zoe has a video that is world wide spread, even the Prime Minister has watched it and sent a personal letter back to us (airmailed :) ). His son also has CF. We find it quite amazing all the people that we have met by sharing about CF.
Thanks for putting yourself out there for us all!
Take care,

Ginger said...

Hi Mandi! Nice to meet the lady behind the man :)! Absolutely love your personality!!! Okay, let me introduce me...I'm Ginger, a fellow cfer. I like... spending time with my hubby and 6-yr old, bike rides around town after dark, working on home improvement projects, peanut butter, coca cola, nighttime rides looking for wild-life, riding fourwheelers, fishing, spending time at "The Land", anything on HGTV or the Food network, and connecting with fellow cfers on the net! I guess that sums up a good bit. Glad that you'll be posting some on Ronnie's blog. Ya'll make quite the couple!!! :)

Mandi said...

A little response for all of you, read for your name:

Katelyn- I love homemade birthday cards. I don't know what I like more though, that they save money or that they can be more heartfelt.

Casey- I too love new places and new things. I also enjoy church. As you know, it's huge in Ronnie and my life as well.

Lindsay- I lived 45 minutes outside of Philly. In Unionville, which is close to West Chester.

Jada- Thank you for working so hard to raise awareness. Can you send me a link to the video? I'd love to watch it!!

lindsay michele said...

Nice! I grew up around Lancaster, but went to Philly for my CF doc.

Love hearing what you have to say on the blog. Always interesting to hear it from the significant other point of view!

Mandi said...

Ginger- somehow you must have posted as I was typing my last comment. I didn't leave you out on purpose :) You sound quite outdoorsy, I love that!! Also, peanut butter is a favorite of mine. Anything with peanut butter is good-and chocolate and peanut butter: MMMMMMMMM!

Lindsay- My grandpa lives in Lancaster. Beautiful area and the horse and buggies crack me up!

Chrissy said...

Hiya Mandi, I just started reading Ronnies blog officially. I have watched it for a while over at and the migrated to this site!
I like: my daughter's smile; the sunrise & the sunset; cool breezes; spending time w/ family & friends; watching movies; reading comics; petting my dog; laughing; going out to eat (no; the beach & the mountains; swimming; making other people happy; & CSI (watch it at the IV center most of the time...nothing else is really on!)

OceanDesert said...

Hey Mandi!! I too love running :), sundresses (Isn't that all we girls should wear down here in this heat?!), and orchids (They were in my wedding bouquet and Mike also wore won on his lapel).

BTW- What about LGO for lunch? Is that too far from where you are?

BTW2- As someone who's met Mandi, I can say that she is every bit the great gal that is portrayed on this blog and I look forward to getting to know her better as well! :)

Samuel's Mommy said...

Hi Mandi!

We've met but I don't think we went over the things I love so here goes:
Jesus, hearing my son laugh, an organized house, iced tea, the feeling after a nice morning run, having hope, family, friends, the beach on a warm summer day, just-baked chocolate chip cookies, and the color green.
Look forward to reading what you have to say on Mondays!

Zoe Isabella said...

Zoe's video is on her blog....on the upper right hand corner.
Our local Jacksonville, Fl. CFF office uses her video all the time for fund raising....
Take care,

Denise said...

I live in PA and actually moved to MI for a few years. I live just outside Philly now and was in Ann Arbor. I couldn't take MI...wasn't the place for me. Thanks for giving us the chance to know you.

Mandi said...

Chrissy- I also love to watch movies, although if I lay down while I do, I normally only can stay awake for the first 15 min.

OceanDesert- Good choice on the orchids for your wedding. I've loved them ever since I lived in Singapore and my mom had fresh ones every day on the coffee table.

Samuel's Mommy- I hear ya on the organized house...when I was a little girl, I couldn't fall asleep until my closest was organized.

Denise- I've heard Ann Arbor is nice, but I think it's tough for people to move to the mid-west from the east coast. I miss's beautiful in the fall!

It was nice to meet each of you. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourselves to me. I'll try to razzle dazzle you next Monday!!

Somer Love said...

Things I love... My Babies, my Parents, my family and friends, coffee in the am, starbucks (when I have gift cards) Rainy and snowy days where you can curl up and read a book, Madonna, Neport Beach, San Diego, Scottsdale, sushi... I could go on and on :)