Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Run/Walk Challenge 2010

Hey everybody!! First, I just wanted to thank you all for the kind birthday wishes both on here and an Facebook. You guys went above and beyond and definitely made me feel special on the 30th b-day.

So, I was contemplating something yesterday and I wanted to get the RSR readers input on it before I "pull the trigger". I was thinking about bringing back the run walk challenge. Some of you from FB may remember the run/walk challenge from when I was in the hospital. It was pretty simple. Everyday that I went for a run or walk, I would document it on Facebook and "challenge" the community to match me. If I ran for 15 minutes, the challenge would be to either run for 15 as well, or walk for thirty. It seemed to catch on with many of you and I believe we had about 20 people taking part of the challenge.

Here's the questions for you all: Would you guys like me to get it started again? What shall we call it? Would you like to match time or distance? Should there be a maximum amount of days per week that the challenge can take place? What do you think the best way to track your individual performance would be?

I think that's all of the questions that I have for now! If you guys can think of anything I'm missing, please bring it to my attention. I look forward to seeing what this can possibly bring about!!!