Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful for Random Acts of Kindness

Today, I am SOOOOO thankful for random acts of kindness. I am fortunate to experience many random acts of kindness by many of you pretty regularly, but I wanted to point out one that really touched me recently. I'm not going to mention any names (since I haven't got their permission to do so), but a mother/daughter team within the CF community really put a smile on my face this week.

It all started with an email on CysticLife that I received on Sunday:

Very Nice Cyster: Hey Ronnie, so being from Louisiana an all we celebrate Mardi Gras pretty big and of course eat ALOT of King Cake.. We have some really good bakerys that make them fresh daily and ship them out all over the place and me and my mom would LOVE to send You and Mandi one .. we just need to know where to send it

Me: Wow!!!! What did we do to deserve that?!?!? And what exactly is King Cake? You guys are too good to us :)

VNC: well i dont even know how to describe it lol.. it kinda looks like a huge donut with iceing and some have fillings but it taste nothing like a donut.. it taste soo much better .. the tradition is that there is a baby hidden in the cake and who ever gets the baby has to buy the next king cake .. lets just say in the one month of the year when they make king cakes i gain bout 10 not really but im sure i gain some haha...You guys are AWESOME for creating this site and mom an I enjoy it soooo much.. so we thought you might enjoy a king cake .. its soo much better than jelly beans haha

Me: I look forward to it!!! Should I have it tested for poison first? You don't hate me right??? :)

VNC: lol I promise there is no poison in it.

And wouldn't you know it, Wednesday afternoon I received a big ol' package with "KING CAKE" written across the top. It was a very colorful box that looked like a big Mardi Gras party. Inside was the real treat though. When I opened the box, I discovered beads, a Mardi Gras mask, more beads, a King Cake, beads, a story explaining the history of the King Cake and, oh yeah, a handful of beads. I was beaded out today!

It really felt like this family was sharing a part of themselves with me and I found that to be very special. I can't explain to you guys how happy I was to receive this package and that fact that they thought to include me in there Mardi Gras cheer was very humbling. I certainly never expect anything like this ever to happen, but when it does, it really warms my heart. We have such a strong, loving and caring community out there and I am so happy that I'm able to be a small part of it.