Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Weekend Update

As many of you may have read, it was my birthday this weekend (October 16th, mark your calendars for next year....haha kidding!) and Ronnie did everything he could to make it wonderful. We got up early, got in a treatment, went for a nice long bike ride, and then had breakfast at this awesome place close to our house. We also enjoyed a great dinner at a local BBQ joint and went to a movie (The Social Network - go see it!) with Josh and Christine.

I'm sure many (or at least one) of you are wondering what Ronnie got for me, so I will share it with you - but mainly because I think it's the sweetest, cutest gift EVER. He got me what any fantastic hubby would get his beloved for her first birthday as a married lady. He got me COMFORTABLE. "Huh?" You're thinking. Yes, you read it right. His gift was to make me more comfortable in our home - and we shopped for my gift all afternoon.

You see, ever since we've moved in, we've bought necessities, but we've been holding off on decorative stuff for the most part because it didn't fall in the category of gotta-have-it. But that didn't stop me from endlessly talking about all the stuff we could eventually get, what we should do, and how it could look one day. We'd buy a little decorative something here and there, and I'd be blown away by the difference it made to warm the house I was getting eager to make the house cozier; a little more homey.

So for my birthday, Ronnie found this unbelievably AWESOME furniture store, brought me there, and turned me loose. And are you ready for the best part? The business is moving locations, so everything was REALLY discounted. Do you know what I like better than getting new stuff? Getting deals!!! I think I'm a deal junky. It somehow feels like you're spending less, if you're spending the same amount but getting more for your money. Flawed reasoning? Yes. Can I change how I feel about that concept? Probably not. Anywhoo - so we went furniture shopping all afternoon and got some stuff that really transformed how the house feels.

A little of my birthday gift bled into Sunday, when we went to Home Depot and Lowes and bought a fan for our family room. We've had a gaping hole in the ceiling since we moved in, but yesterday was the day we decided it was time to bite the bullet, get a fan, and muddle our way through learning how to assemble and hang it ourselves....I'm happy to report that we didn't burn the house down and it hasn't fallen...yet.

So that's about it. All in all it was a fabulous birthday and I'm excited to see what 24 brings :)

PS - Below is a picture of my favorite new purchase - a great chair. It's a little funky, but I LOVE IT!!

It's in our study, and it's freakin' awesome. If you look closely, you'll notice the fabric has peacocks on crazy awesome is that?