Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2nd Ultrasound Update!

Yesterday, Mandi and I woke up nice and early in anticipation of our second ultrasound. If you guys remember from a couple of weeks ago, actually last week, we had our first ultrasound at about seven weeks pregnant. At that time our little peanut was about the size of a blueberry, which come to find out was about 9 mm, and we're proud to report that he/she is now about 15 mm! We went in with some of the same emotions that we did last week not exactly knowing what to expect and hoping for the best. It's always an interesting feeling when they first start the ultrasound because, at least in our experience, the first thing we see is what looks to be an empty black sack. It must be the way that the ultrasound instrument is pointed at first because now we're two for two in that empty black sack containing our little baby.

We were able to see the heart beating fast again, this time 167 bpm and our doctor informed us that right now our baby is mostly made up of his or her heart. Everything else is very normal and he is very pleased with the progress. Mandi definitely has less bloating in her stomach and is visibly more comfortable when walking, sitting or standing. The decrease in the bloating of the belly is most likely due to some of the fluid in her ovaries and cysts, following the egg retrieval, are now starting to lose fluid. We are now expecting any bloating from this point going forward to be a result of the baby which is bloating we will take any day of the week. So all in all, it was a very good second ultrasound and we couldn't be anymore pleased with the results. Check out our little seahorse below!

We are also able to meet up with some friends of ours in the CF community that we have had the opportunity to hang out with before near their home turf. We met up with the Koblers (Brian and Jen) for the first time in San Francisco at a CF concert series event last November or so. This time they alerted us that they would be in Scottsdale taking in a spring training game between the Giants and Rockies. They were nice enough to invite us along and of course we jumped at the opportunity to hang out with them and take in a ballgame. Neither Mandi or I have ever been to the ballpark in downtown Scottsdale and I must say it was quite a treat to be in such a nice facility. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate with us yesterday as it was overcast the entire day and it was raining before even the first pitch got off. The rain continued to pick up throughout the game and eventually the game was stopped in about the fourth inning with the Rockies handing it to the Giants. Luckily, the ballgame wasn't really the reason we were there.

We were there to hang out and talk with some friends of ours and had baseball as icing on the cake. Since the game got out early, we all headed to lunch to hang out and chat some more. Mandi and I love being able to get to know others in the CF community that we often exchange e-mails, Facebook messages and chats on CysticLife with but rarely get to meet in person. It's so nice to be able to "put a person" to just the face or the name that comes across our computer screens many times in our daily lives. The Koblers are no exception as they are very warm and friendly people who are fun to hang out with. As a bonus, we also got to hang with Grandpa Kobler and Brian and Jen's daughter, a young little cyster named Riley. She is as cute as a button and was definitely entertaining while we are all inhaling our pizza. We absolutely cherish opportunities like this and were very blessed to be able to hang with the Kobler clan today!

Back on the baby front... We have another appointment for a third ultrasound next Thursday and we will for sure keep you guys up to date with the process. We're just praying for continued normal results and that our little seahorse grows and grows and grows until eight months from now that we're able to hold him or her in our arms. We feel so blessed to be able to go through this experience so far virtually unscathed and are just hoping that this trend continues. We know that it is ultimately in God's hands and we have the ultimate faith that He will provide the perfect outcome. We thank you guys so much for following along with us on this journey, checking in, sending us encouragement and just letting us know that you're there for us.