Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 5 Snacks for a Grazer

This blog is totally random. Well random for you all reading this, but not that random for me - since I've become even more of a grazer and I seem to think about food ALL the time.

I've never been a 3 meal a day kind of gal. I'm more a big breakfast, small lunch, HUGE snack, small-ish dinner - with a few tiny little snacks mixed in (like a handful of grapes or chocolate chips). So I figured I'd share some of my favorite snacks, maybe it'll help some of my fellow grazers switch up their grazin' grub. There are some my bigger snacks...sometimes even made as my lunch.

1. Apples, PB, mini-marshmallows - This is a favorite and probably why it came to mind first. I slice an apple, measure out 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and grab a serving of mini-marshmallows. Then you dip the apple in PB, stick a marshmallow on it, take a bite, and repeat. A little fruit, a little protein, and a little sweet (for those of us who need some sweetness multiple times a day).

2. Veggies and hummus - This certainly isn't original, but it's a favorite. I love taking a couple tablespoons of hummus (garlic and roasted red pepper are my fav) and dipping any sort of veggie in it. Most of the time I go with baby carrots, cucumber peppers or celery. If I'm really into hummus but not so into the veggies on a particular day, I'll dip pretzels into the hummus.

3. English muffin, PB, banana - This is another good way to satisfy my sweet tooth. I toast 1/2 a cinnamon raisin english muffin, spread 1 tablespoon of PB on it, and then cut up 1/2 a banana on top. I'm now realizing that a lot of my snacks include peanut butter.

4. Yogurt and frozen blueberries - This makes for a yummy summer snack, as it's a nice substitute for ice cream. I take yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit) and mix in a 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries (still frozen). As you mix and let it sit for a few seconds, the yogurt coats, and slight hardens, around the blueberries. Occasionally I'll add some cereal, like Life or Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

5. Edamame - aka soy beans - We buy individual serving bags of frozen edamame and I devour them. All you have to do is throw the bag in the microwave and in a few minutes it's ready to eat. I love covering them in salt or dipping them in soy sauce - sometimes both.

Some of these snacks are a little more common than others. Some are easier to make than others. But one this is for sure, if you've never tried them, I highly recommend them. Have a favorite I haven't mentioned? Hook me up with your suggestions!