Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Feedback & Caramel Brulee Decaf Soy Latte

It's thankful Thursday time! We all have so much to be thankful for and we love to take this opportunity just to write down each and everything that comes to mind. Please take this time to share with us what you're thankful for as well. If you have a blog expressing your thankfulness, please share the link! Without further ado, here's what we're thankful for:

Mandi's List:
I'm thankful for my mom. My mom has been in AZ since Mckenna was born and has been a HUGE help. She makes dinner, cleans my house, folds laundry, plays with Mckenna, soothes Mckenna when her gas is making her frustrated, you name it! She leaves on Saturday and man I'm sad to see her go! Luckily both her and my dad will be back mid-December for xmas :)

I'm thankful for Caramel Brulee Decaf Soy Lattes from Starbucks. It's how I start every day and it makes the world a beautiful place even after very little sleep the night before!

I'm thankful for a great one-month check-up for Mckenna. Tuesday we went for her one-month check-up and everything was great. She's growing like a champ (up 2.75 pounds and is 3 inches longer). She's not going to be a peanut much longer! 

Ronnie's List:

I'm thankful for my latest PFT results. I had clinic on Monday and my FVC was 88% and my FEV1 was 74%. When the test tech came back into my room she said "These are some of the highest PFTs that we have on record for you for a very ling time!". It's always good to hear that the hours I put into treatments and working out is paying off. My hope of course is to get these current numbers even higher, but I'll of course be happy if they stay where they are at for a while with out a decline. Either way, I wouldn't be getting worse :)

I'm so thankful that Mckenna is starting to react to our voices and giving us feedback through facial expressions. It's one of those things that as a first time parent you're never quite sure whether it's an on purpose smile of a totally coincidental smile, but for the sake of this proud poppa, we'll just go with that it was on purpose. And if I may just brag for a moment - Mckenna has such a gorgeous smile!

I'm thankful for making it through a month of Mckenna without causing extreme physical damage to her or someone around me. I'm being a little facetious there as dropping her or doing something completely wrong was never a giant fear, but as I think can be expected, it was at least a little one. So far, the only "injuries" she has had have been caused by those razor sharp blades that she calls her finger nails.

So, what are you thankful for today?