Monday, December 5, 2011

Reruns and a Lazy Mom

So not much is new. It seems like when you have a new baby I feel like every day is a rerun of the day before, plus or minus 5 percent. We got up, feed, change, play, sleep; feed, change, play, sleepy...and repeat over and over until bath and bedtime. Mckenna has fallen into a pretty good natural routine. Although she's still up 2-3 times in the night (8pm-7am ish) to eat (about every 3 hours). She teased me a bit with going a 6 hour stretch one night and a 7 hour stretch another night two nights in a row...but that didn't last. But boy did I get my hopes up. I've tried to recreate those days in the hopes of getting those nights, but no can do. That's ok though, she's a growing girl...momma can get up and feed her!

I've handled the no sleep aspect of mommy-hood just as I thought I would; not great. I love my sleep and need a lot of it. So being limited makes me pretty lazy. I don't feel that tired during the days, but I do feel lazy. It takes everything in me to do stuff around the house or make dinner (SORRY RONNIE...I get an F in housewife these days)! Hopefully I'll get more accustomed to the lack of sleep, or she'll start sleeping longer stretches...either way it would be awesome to be a little more productive and not a couch potato during the days.

Speaking of lazy, we bought plants at a nursery yesterday that we are going to plan in the yard, and I'm working to peel myself off the couch in order to participate in the planting! Ronnie has been awesome about getting projects around the house done. So today I'm going to try to join in on his awesomeness! We'll post pictures!

Anywhoo that's about it. Time for Bessy the Cow to go be milked ;-)