Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Road Trip

Mandi, Mckenna and I took off for our first long road trip as a family of three. We headed out to California to hang out with Auntie Kirra and Uncle Tyler. Kirra is a friend of mine from college who was married to Tyler when Mandi and I were pregnant. We haven't seen them since the baby shower (they were nice enough to make the drive out) so we needed a little bit of K&T time in our lives. Thanks for having us out guys!!

We were a little nervous heading into this trip because for the past couple of weeks, Kenna-Bear has hated her car seat. She start to scream bloody murder within 2 minutes of placing her in it, and we still haven't been able to figure out what the deal is (any ideas??). I'm happy to report however that Kenny did very well on the trip out and the trip back, sans 3 blown-out diapers :) 

First time in a surf shop.

You lookin' at me???

Daddy, Mickey D, Kirra and Tyler

Sub Momma for Tyler

That's MY coffee girly!!

Auntie Kirra, back away from the baby!!

No better place to change my little girl then on the trunk of the car at a gas station in Blythe, California

She always thinks it's hilarious when she blows out of diapers... 

...and we think it's a ploy to get out of the car seat.

I had a great view of my girls on the way home.

So thankful that the trip went so well! K was a champ and her mommy really knows how to take a kid on the road. I can't do much with out Mandi, and travel with Mckenna would be another one to add to the list. Oh, and on a side note, Mck rolled over for the first time about an hour after we got home...and of course neither Mandi nor I saw her do it. We caught the last 1/10th of the roll!! Great job baby girl, but would it kill you to send us a warning??