Monday, March 19, 2012

Finishing WELL

At church yesterday we had a guest pastor speak. He spoke to something that really struck a cord in me and got me thinking. He spoke to the concept of finishing well. Not just finishing, but finishing well. And we looked at 1 Corinthians 9:24 that says, "Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize." The key to that verse is "run in such a way as to get the prize," he said. This really made me do some self reflection. Am I living in such a way that I would get the prize? I'm not just talking in my walk with Christ...which is obviously the most important. But in my life in general I'm not so sure. about a depressing thought for a competitive girl who likes to win. I am so good at starting off strong when I do things. I'm passionate. I get fired up. I jump into things with both feet, often times without thinking (isn't that right mom and dad? They had to watch me work out the kinks of this eagerness as I fumbled my way through mistakes in middle school and high school).

As I sat in the sermon I thought back on many things in my life that I started great, but didn't finish so well. Of course there are times when I've finished well, but am I finishing well the things that truly matter? Will I look back on 30 years of marriage and feel like I was as good of a wife in year 29 as I was in year 1? I hope so, but judging by the fact that I'm already not as helpful, and eager to please in year 2 than as in year 1...I'm not so sure...unless things change. Will Mckenna think I was as loving, fun, attentive and on fire as a mom when she's in high school as she does now (ok maybe looking back on her high school years, she'll probably hate me for a period as her curfew is earlier than all her friends and "she can't do anything"...haha!). I hope so, but I'll have to make the conscious effort to continue to give it my all.

In sitting and reflecting on his words, I realized just how hard it is to finish well, judging by the fact that so many times I haven't. But I think that's why it's so important - especially in my walk with Christ. I think the things to be the most proud of are the things that most people can't do. I think the things that brings God the most joy are the things that He knows take work and sacrifice. And the biggest thing I realized is that of course He cares if I finish well in my relationship with Him and in doing His work, but I think He also cares that I finish well all of my worldly commitments also. I think He wants me to start my exercise regime with gusto and finish it that way. I think He wants me to be a good friend to someone, not just in the beginning, but always. I think He wants me to lay on my death bed having finished strong as a sister, wife, mom, daughter, etc.

So I'm choosing today to start well...AND finish well. Yesterday's sermon gave me a new fire to continue the things I have continued to do well. And to pick up the slack on the things I have started to let slip. I want the prize!!