Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Day Daddy Duty

As some of you may have seen, Ronnie was on daddy duty while I was away for work Wednesday through Friday. Needless to say, I was really nervous about leaving for the first time overnight, and not only for one night, but for 2 nights and 3 days. I totally trust Ronnie's ability to take care of her, so luckily that was never a concern. But she's been exclusively breastfed, with only the occasional bottle, I'm the one to put her down at night, I'm the one who spends the most time with her during the day, etc etc etc. So the thought of totally throwing things off kilter for 3 days made me nervous. I didn't know how SHE was going to do.

After day number one, it was clear that she was A-OK without momma. She ate like a champ, she slept like a champ and was smiley and happy as a clam. Daddy was a rockstar. He did just as awesome as I thought he would...sending all sorts of fun photos along the way. And she did better than I could have ever imagined. She even started saying "da da da da da"...about 2 hours after daddy took over. Really Mckenna?!? 2 hours just you two and you're saying "da da da"? Where's "ma ma ma" after 6 months, kiddo? Hehe.

I was so happy that they were getting along great. But a little part of me was sad. Yes, silly, I know. I know it's so silly that I actually considered NOT including that in my blog. Buuuut I won't start lying now! I was a little bummed. How did she not notice I was gone AT ALL? How was she eating and sleeping just fine and happy as a clam? It was a tough pill to swallow for this overly involved momma. Then I began to worry. Would she be different when I got back? Would she not take my breast when I got back and instead want to stick with the bottle?! I was nervous for when I got back.

When I arrived at the Phoenix airport, to Ronnie and Mckenna waiting for me, I gave Ronnie a hug, and bolted to the backseat, where Mckenna was balling (it was past her bedtime and she was NOT happy about being in the car instead of her crib). It wasn't exactly the welcome home I envisioned. She continued to ball. I got no big smile. Nothing. However, as she sat balling, I put my face next to hers, and she reached up, held my face, and got quiet. She still cried off and on (she was reallllly worked up!) but she held my face and nestled close the whole drive home as she dozed off to dreamland. When we got home, I took her to her room, she snuggled close to eat and then I tucked her in bed. I was feeling ok about the homecoming. She seemed to still love me, ate, luckily from the boob, but I wasn't so sure she really cared or noticed I was gone (tear!). Then, the next morning, when I went to get her out of her bed, she showed me she knew. She was happy, happy, happy when I walked into her room and then when I picked her up she planted a HUGE, wet kiss on my cheek. She never gives kisses! But that was a KISS! Ahhh, she needed and missed her momma. She confirmed that for me with one single kiss. I ate it up!

I don't plan on leaving her any time soon, but I am thrilled we both made it through. Next time I won't be so worried about how she'll do, how I'll do, and how it will be when I get home. Man, we're both growing up right before your very eyes ;-)