Monday, May 7, 2012

Mckenna Monday: New View on the World

Whew! What a crazy past couple of months it has been. I went from a baby to a big girl. Yeah, yeah, I understand being a "big girl" is all relative, but mom says "ooo big girl" all the time and I feel like a big girl, so go with it. So here we go, I'll fill you in on why mom, dad and I think I'm SOO big (speaking of, mom never does the SOOOO big thing with me I hear other moms doing all the time, I wonder why? When I can speak, maybe I'll ask).

First things first, about a month and a half ago I started sitting up to play with my toys. I forget if I told you that already, but I'll tell you again if I haven't because I'm pretty excited about it. I spend a lot of my day sitting and playing with toys. I sit and play, I sit and look around, I sit and chat, I sit and stick out my tongue. I just like doing things sitting. Eventually I get bored and lay down, and then I just roll front to back, back to front, to get to different toys, and just because I like rolling. But I like sitting the best. I can see so much more when I'm sitting up.

Speaking of being on my tummy, I want to crawl SO bad. It's actually the source of a bit of frustration for me (sorry for the whining and moaning dad and mom). I scoot backwards, in fact, I was up in my crib in the middle of the night 2 nights ago, doing laps. I went from one end, turned around, and went to the other end. I heard mom get up and turn on the camera so she could watch me. I think maybe she found it cute and annoying at the same time. Luckily I was able to fall back asleep because my bunny blankie made the trip with me, I dragged her there and back. I also can scoot forward a tiny bit. Generally, I scootch a bit forward by locking my knees, pushing up with my hands, putting my butt in the air and pushing forward a bit with my foot. I do get my knees under me a bit (I sometimes sleep that way), but I don't know how to MOVE that way. Mom and dad work with me a lot, getting me to all fours from sitting, showing me how to move my legs, etc. But I think they are dreading me being mobile. 

OOH OH OH, I forgot. 2 days ago, I pulled myself up to stand. Apparently mom did NOT expect it because she let out a yell that made me certain she was even more excited than I was. I can't do it everywhere, right now just in my old co-sleeper. But I love it. Mom sits me near the rail, I reach and grab on, pull up, and then mom lets me stand there and play. I feel like such a big girl when I stand!

I'm also becoming pretty vocal. Mom and dad love it, so I keep it up. I started making this sound "dadada" and it's the coolest thing, whenever I say it, dad shows up. So I say it ALL the time. "I'm coming, honey," dad yells as he runs to me. Wayyy cool. "dadada"...then boom, there's daddy! I also found this high pitched squeak in the last couple days. I thought it sounded pretty cool, but then I started to really dig it because mom does the same noises back. So we go back and forth. I make a noise, and she makes it back, I make it, she makes it. I see mom and dad going back and forth with sounds - one person talks, then the other, so I'm just practicing that, but with noises and not words...I'll get to words eventually, but these squeals sound way cool.

And last thing, I have started a new hobby...gardening with daddy. We get to play with this long tube that water comes out of, and we walk around and look at things. I love the green things that are on all the plants. Dad lets me touch them, and sometimes he lets me pull one off the plant and walk around holding it. I love that time with my daddy. I love the outdoors and I love daddy, so it's a perfect combo.

Alright, well I'm going to get back to my sippy cup. I can't quite figure out how to always get water out, but it sure is fun trying!