Tuesday, October 16, 2012

26 Things I Love About Mandi


I can't believe my "little girl" is turning 26. It's like just yesterday you were 25.

In the spirit of your 26 years, here are 26 things that I love about you...

1. Your heart for God.
2. Your unwavering support.
3. Your mad mommy skillz.
4. Your athletic frame.
5. Your drive.
6. Your photoshop expertise.
7. Your freckles.
8. Your brain.
9. Your dedication to fitness.
10. Your oatmeal raisin cookies.
11. Your teeth.
12. Your sense of humor.
13. Your ability to humor me.
14. Your willingness to be stupid with me.
15. Your snuggles.
16. Your face.
17. Your attention to detail.
18. Your forgiveness.
19. Your tenderness.
20. Your pursuit of happiness.
21. Your giving spirit.
22. Your compassion for others.
23. Your laugh.
24. Your smile.
25. Your abs.
26. Your everything about you that isn't on this list that I know I'll think of once I post it.

Thank you again for being you and allowing me the privilege of not only being your husband, but your best friend.

Luckiest man on earth and beyond,