Monday, October 22, 2012

Mandi Monday: Rambling instead of a quality post

Church yesterday was awesome. It was a sermon on prayer, and the pastor knocked it out of the park. He did such a phenomenal job and God really used his sermon to shed light on some things in my life. He gave me a whole new perspective on CF and why Ronnie and I see CF the way that we do. And I can't wait to sit down and blog about it...can you say, "cliff hanger"? I wanted to write the post for today, but I just didn't find the time to do it justice, so I will write it over the course of this week and post it on Monday. Just wait, it'll knock your socks off. Ok, maybe not, but our pastor did such a great job that I hope I can shed a little light on what I took from it.

Instead you get my usual ramblings...yippee, right?

Not too much is new with us. We are still hitting the gym hard with our group personal training class and core class, and then Ronnie is lifting, and I'm running. The group personal training class is still kicking our bums. I was certain that it would get easier, but somehow week after week I am in pain...the good kind of pain. The pain that comes from your muscles screaming at you because you're using them. Today, for example, we did 15 minutes of straight triceps. 15 MINUTES. No breaks. My arms burned so bad at the end they nearly gave out from under me while doing the last exercise that you do what he calls a "plank to pushup". Good thing Mckenna is walking because I think my arms would have fallen off if I had tried to lift her. I am thankful it's not getting easy though, that just means we will continue to get better...or die. Most days I feel like it's the die option, but that's ok. I haven't puked yet, so that's something.

Ronnie is still eating like a celebrity hippy - lean and clean. No sugar. All whole grains. Well balanced meals that are high in protein. And as his very proud wife I will say he's looking like a stud. He's building lots of good muscle and leaning out a ton. GASP, said many of you reading this...don't worry, he's not leaning out too much. He's been carrying around a lot of extra fat, beyond what is needed, and I'm sure his body is happy to be a little lighter, it sure makes cardio easier. Maybe I will convince him to post before and after pictures...we will see!

Me on the other hand, welllll that's a different story. I am eating healthy for the most part, but I have made one of the biggest mistakes one can make...I bought Halloween candy a couple weeks before Halloween. It's a mixed bag of all different chocolate candy and let's just say all that's left for the trick-or-treaters are Almond Joys...because I hate them. And the worst part, the bag was from Costco. I think that means I ate a year's worth of candy in a matter of days. I'd love to say that I have learned from my mistakes, but I'd be lying. I'll probably do the same thing next year.

And the only other update is that Mckenna had her very last nursing session last night before bed. That's right, she is officially weaned. I think she did better through the weaning process than I did. I cried every time I dropped a feeding (I dropped one a week). Last night I balled like a baby as I sang to her before I put her in her bed. I even had Ronnie take pictures. It's a bit of an understatement to say I loved nursing. I think the benefits are endless and I feel so good about sticking to it her whole first year. It wasn't easy at times and we had hiccups along the way, but I'm so proud that we didn't give up, and I will remember this chapter in our relationship fondly. It's time to move onto new ways of bonding and new shared moments together, but man I will miss that time together. I encourage anyone I talk to to nurse if you can. There are always hiccups and always times that it will feel like a burden, but I am so thankful that I can look back on her first year of feedings and know I gave her the best start I could. And I'll be sure to scar her one day by showing her the photos of her last nursing session ever.