Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Prayer for the President


I pray that the man you allowed to be in the office of the President seeks You first about all else. Before his party. Before his friends. Before his influencers. Before the people he serves. Before his own beliefs.

I pray that he recognizes his world-wide influence and it can be used to show the Goodness of You. That the love You show to him can be seen by many here and across the globe, by the love he shows for the lost, the weak and the defenseless.

I pray that you convict Him of Your convictions. That he leads based on Your Word and not the word of others. Be his moral compass God and lead him onto a straight path of righteousness.

I pray that my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ can recognize that Your heart is deeply saddened by the ideals and beliefs held by some in this nation and around the globe.

I pray that we start to align more closely with Your ideals and Your beliefs. May we serve the poor. Protect orphans and widows. Spread the Good News. Pray. Fast. And live out the Word in action and not just voice.

Give us the strength to avoid unrighteous anger, sexual sin, divorce, lying, retaliation, hatred, worry, and judgement.

Lord, may your name be glorified by the way we live each day as individuals and as a nation.

Be with our President these next four years and use him as a tool for the furtherance of your Kingdom here on Earth.