Monday, December 3, 2012

Big Week. Big Changes!

This week is a week I've been waiting for ever since I graduated college and moved to AZ.

My parents moved to AZ while I was in college. My brother and I loved AZ so much that we both moved out here when we finished college (he moved out here 2 years before I did). But before the time I could get here, my parents had moved to Asia - first Shanghai and then Singapore. It was such a bummer. I had so looked forward to my whole family being in one spot again, and I was bummed I had missed out on the fun (when my brother and parents were here together). While my parents were gone, my brother got married, Ronnie and I got married, and we had Mckenna. Of course my parents came for visits, but I had always dreamed of the day when we would all be living in the same spot again.

Well that day is here!! My dad has "retired"....which is in quotes because if he weren't crazy, he'd be done working for good, but he is crazy, and therefore, I give him 3-4 months before he can't help himself and is back at it either through consulting or something full time. Anywhoo, he is "retired"and so they head back to Arizona on WEDNESDAY! Yup, TWO DAYS FROM NOW!! I could not be more excited. My parents are such a joy to be around, so the more time we can have together the better. I envision family runs, family dinners, family hikes, family activities, family chore days, you name it. I cannot wait to be able to say, "we don't have anything going on today, let's head up to see my folks." Or to get a call that says, "hey we are headed out to dinner in tempe, want to meet us there?" AH! Just typing the words makes me giddy.

Certainly it raises all new sorts of dynamics. We haven't all lived in one place as 3 separate families before. So how often and in what capacity we see each other is still a bit up in the air. My parents live 40 minutes away, so that will spare all 3 families from pop overs (well, except Josh and Chrissy and Ronnie and I who pop over to each others' houses since we live in the same neighborhood), but none of us will be popping over to mom and dad's...which I'm pretty sure they prefer! Ha! I am just excited to see what our new relationships look like and the great time we will be able to spend together!

The last HUGE plus in my mind - MCKENNA! No, I'm not talking about having built-in babysitters! I am of the opinion that they have raised their kids and them moving back isn't a time to raise mine! However, I am so excited that Mckenna gets to have her Nana and Papi close by. I think it will develop a different kind of relationship. She will spend more time with them just her and them. They're go on adventures. They'll have sleep overs. All of those times together without mom and dad there, I think, create a stronger bond. Am I looking forward to a couple of nights with Mckenna gone and getting to sleep in or a couple of days to ourselves? Sure. But I am mainly just excited that she will have her own relationship with her Nani and Papi, apart from mom and dad.

Here's to a big week! And here's to a great man who has worked hard, succeeded, and gets to take as long of a hiatus as he wants from the work world! Congrats, Dad! We are really proud of you.