Monday, December 10, 2012

Mckenna Monday: Life is Awesome

It's been awhile since Mckenna has posted an update about her little life, so I decided it was about time.

Mckenna, can you tell us about your life lately?

Life is awesome. The weather finally has cooled off, so I get to play outside at any point in the day. Mommy and Dada actually just open up the back door for me and let me come and go as I please sometimes. Our backyard has a wall around it, so I can't go too far, but I can play in the grass and I have special toys that have to stay outside, and I play with those while I'm out there. I have this cool hand rake thing that I can use to comb the grass, and a basket to hold my toys that I like to pretend is a purse. Also there are these things that have fallen from our trees lately, and I like to crunch them in my hands.

I am starting to be able to talk to Mommy and Dada a lot! I know lots of words and they come in handy because when I say them, people know what I'm thinking and meaning. I say hi to people and bye to people with a wave and the words. I have gotten really good at it because I go to the gym play area every day, but instead of playing, I like to stand at the gate and wave at everyone coming and going. They call me "the greeter"...whatever that means. I also have found a word that works great, it's "that". I say that and point at things I want to know what they're called, want to have, you name it. My parents have trouble figuring out what I'm talking about, but they try hard to guess. Not only do I use my words, but I sometimes tell them with my hands too. I tell them I want milk with my hands (usually when I'm sleepy and ready for bed), and that I want more (which I also use when I'm hungry and want to eat), oh and I tell them that I'm all done (but that I say with words too).

Oh yeah, and I just figured out a cool new thing to do in the tub. If I put my face in the water and blow, I make little "blub blub" sounds and these things my mom calls bubbles appear. I love doing it, but I get a little scared. I lean really close to the water, but then I get nervous because sometimes I forget to blow and instead breathe in and that's not fun. I cough and cough and cough! But when I really pay attention I do it right and I love it!

My Dada and I go on special trips he calls Daddy Dates. We go to fun places while Mommy works. My favorite fun date is this place called Costco. They have tons of fun things to look at and Dada gets snacks for me as we walk. They have yummy snacks. I love them all. Sometimes Dada doesn't even like the snack, but I do because I'm not picky. 

Oh and I started spending time at this place I kind of remember, but it's been awhile since I've been there. It's called Nana and Papi's. I guess it's where my Nana and Papi live because I helped my Nana unpack a bunch of suitcases, so it looks like they'll at least be there for a long time. I love being at Nana and Papi's. Papi takes me on walks just the two of us to explore. He also lets me get on this BIG table. It's covered with this soft fabric and has all these balls that I get to crawl around and put them into pockets. I think they called it pool, but I don't know because I thought the pool was the thing in the backyard that they say, "NO Mckenna!" when I go near. Hm, I'll have to listen when I'm there tomorrow to play with them!

Well I gotta go play with my baby, I think I need to push her in her stroller and feed her a bottle. I love my baby!