Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday Funday

Mckenna is a lot of fun. Most days, most of the day, she's a joy to be around. As many of you can relate, there are times when a 1.5 year old can be trying on the nerves. There are also times when your little love is SO fun, so enjoyable, that there's no place you'd rather be than spending time with that little person. Yesterday was one of those days.

Mckenna has dropped to one nap, which has been a little hairy. 2 naps is too many, 1 naps leaves a bit too much time before bedtime, leading to a little miss crankypants. She hasn't adjusted quite yet, so what was 2, 1-hour naps, has become just 1, 1-hour nap...which doesn't give her or us much daytime rest. Well yesterday she decided to sleep for 2 hours during her nap. When she woke up, she was a hype, overly happy little lady. She was goofy, smiley and cheerful all afternoon, with no meltdowns! It made for a delightful afternoon for all of us. For those of you who don't know me personally, I'm a goofball. Whenever I have a willing participant to join my goofy ways, I LOVE it. So since Mckenna was giggly, hyper, and looking to be silly, I was happy to join right fact, I instigated it.

Here are a couple videos to recap the day. What a blessing Mckenna is in our lives, and boy is she fun!