Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to Reality

Ronnie, Mckenna and I were blessed to spend time with family and friends on the east coast last week. It's a trip we had been looking forward to for months. Usually once a year we go to South Carolina or the Jersey shore with some dear family friends, and this year, we were blessed to be able to not just go to the shore, but go to their son's wedding. Since we were going to be on the east coast, we decided what better use of time than to get to spend time with my Grandpa and head to the shore for a little vacation.

We hit up Lancaster, PA to see my Grandpa. Mckenna had never met my grandpa, her great grandpa, and what a sweet experience for both of them. Mckenna warmed up to her "Pa" very quickly and enjoyed every moment she spent with him. We rented a house to stay in (with my parents who were also there), so we brought my grandpa over each day to just hang out for the day. We all so enjoyed time together. My grandpa is the kind of man that light's up a room with his whit, stories and jokes. Anyone who interacts with him even just for a moment leaves feeling happy. It's an incredible character trait I would love to learn from.

After Lancaster we headed to Wilmington, DE for the day for the wedding. It was a great wedding. The happy couple planned an incredible day, one that I'm sure they'll look back on fondly, forever. It was a kid-free wedding, so Ronnie hung with Mckenna and found all sorts of adventures, while I went to the wedding. Their daddy date was complete with a figure skating competition they stumbled upon, ice cream for dinner, and snuggling in bed because for some reason Mckenna was less than excited about sleeping in her pack n play in the bathroom...gee I can't imagine why!

After the wedding we headed to Avalon for a little relaxation and even got to tag on a trip to Rohobeth to meet some new friends (well new to us...they were friends of my parents' and family friends). We had such an incredible time and are so blessed to have gotten to spend the day with them. At the shore Mckenna got to spend time on the beach, go for tons of walks and enjoy massive amounts of ice cream. She dug it...and so did her momma.

We were all sad to see the trip come to the end. We had such an incredible time with family and old and new friends. But we got out of there before we got too spoiled, and we are excited to settle back into the normal daily grind...I may just day dream about the trip for 50% of the day the next few days.