Saturday, October 26, 2013

Prayers for Strangers

(Mandi here - Even though it's not Monday)

I'm not quite sure why I'm writing this blog, but I feel inclined to, so I am.

Over the last several years, we have gotten connected to many CF families and patients. We feel drawn to others' whose stories are much like our own. We share tips, tricks, successes and challenges. We can show our lives very transparently to friends and family, but very few understand our life that are not walking in similar shoes. We have discussions about topics with our "CF friends" that others will never understand and quite frankly, discussions we never think to have with others. We discuss insurance, medications, life stresses and mortality in a completely different way than with anyone else. We joke about topics that most would cringe at the thought of. The way we think is wired entirely different than how others think, regardless of how much you try to explain it to people outside of the CF community. These friendships are pure blessings and bring pure joy.

Through a friend of ours in the CF community, I learned of another story. A story very different from ours, but potentially, one day, very similar (isn't it interesting how that works sometimes?). The husband was battling cancer. I checked in on their blog, their life and their struggles. In a weird, twisted, and probably (semi) unhealthy way, I placed myself in the wife's shoes. That may sound odd to many of you. But to some of the other CF wives reading this blog, I think I'm not alone in this rabbit trail. I often read a story of a dying spouse and watch how they are handling their struggles. I take mental notes of the admirable things they are doing. I watch their strength. I try to commit their actions and thoughts to memory. I try not to, but I get completely sucked in. I feel their feelings. I picture myself in those shoes, one day. I feel if I have studied the actions and attitudes of those who have walked that path successfully before me, I can walk my own path with more grace. I have checked in on this family and watched as they have all traveled their path so beautifully. The wife is a woman of true character and a faith that is breathtaking. Her attitude and answers to some of life's hardest questions are incredible.

Tonight my heart aches for this sweet family. Tonight the husband and daddy went to be with the Lord.  Again, I don't know why I feel compelled to write this blog and share their story (one that already has touched thousands upon thousands), but I do. I ask that you lift this family up in your prayers. Pray that they feel a peace that cannot be explained. Pray that tonight their house feels abundantly full of God's presence, in the absence of their husband and father.

You can read about their story here: