Monday, April 21, 2014

Fun with Classes and Lessons

We have recently started introducing Mckenna to different sports/activities through classes and lessons. It has been so fun to watch her learn new skills, try new things, and feel accomplished through her learning and growth.

Our local rec center has a lot of great classes for reasonable prices. Each class usually lasts 4-5 weeks, and is 1 time a week for 45 minutes. So she's getting to learn/try something, without us committing her (and ourselves) to a long time. We had her in a tumbling class, a dance class, and a 'sports' class (where each week they play 1-2 new sports). Her dance and tumbling classes ended, so we started another dance class (which was her favorite), and her sports class still has a few sessions left. She loves these classes! And we love seeing her with all her little peers, playing. We also just started her in an art and science class, where they learn different things through art. We had her first class last week, and she LOVES it. Right now she has 3 different classes a week, and can't get enough. Every day she wakes up she eagerly asked if she has a class that day, and is so excited on class day.

We also just started her in ISR swim lessons (today was her first day). Mckenna is fearless and loves water. She is really good at jumping in and "swimming" short distances. But would be totally screwed if she fell into a pool, lacking the ability to actually swim to the surface and get to a place to get out. So we decided now was a good time to get her some survival swim lessons, since we live someone with pools all over. ISR swim lessons are 10 minutes a day for 4-6 weeks. She did insanely well today, and we are excited to see her progress. I have heard that can be a little "scary" for kids, and some kids cry, but Mckenna wasn't phased, loved every second, and can't wait to go back!

Ronnie and I love our classes at the gym. We think classes are a great way to get exercise, learn new sports/skills, make friends, and have fun all at the same time. We are excited that Mckenna is now at an age where she can enjoy classes/lessons of her own. It is such a blessing to watch her learn new things and excel at things!