Monday, May 12, 2014

Mandi Monday: Mother's Day Recap

Ronnie is still in the hospital, so Mckenna and I flew solo for Mother's Day...what better way to celebrate being a mom, than, well, spending the day with the little lady that made me a mommy. Here's our day in pictures:

We started the day with breakfast and coffee outside...I ate while Mckenna played with chalk.

Mckenna played and goofed around while I got ready for church.

We went to Fatburger...Mckenna loves hot dogs, and I like not waiting for 35 minutes with everyone else and their moms!

After nap, Mckenna and I went to a peach festival at a local farm to pick peaches. We got water ice there...nothing says peach picking like watermelon water ice...I guess?!

We have a lot of interesting-looking peaches because I just let Mckenna decide what was good...which usually was whatever she could reach.

9lbs of peaches is heavy. Most the peaches at the bottom of the bag are bruised because, well, a toddler drops a 9 lb bag of peaches...every step.

Mommy-Mckenna selfie. Note who's carrying (and eating) the water ice...I really only got it for her for myself. I know I'm not the only mom that does that!

Hayrides too and from where you pick peaches! It was awesome, except all the dust and hay that scratched our corneas the whole time we rode.

"Will you help me? I only two and a half. I can't reach this." Truth.

Some passerby took pity on me as we took a selfie. Thank you, stranger, for your photo-taking.

We ate a lot of peaches.

We also ate a lot of cinnamon roasted cashews...hmm we ate a lot.

We took lots of pictures for Daddy. I love my little ham.

And I finally got a "smile". I'll spare you the other 34839248023 outtakes.

Oh and then Mckenna became a grumpy bus driver. She actually had fun, until she got into the role of a bus driver.