Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mandi Monday...on Tuesday

Well apparently this weekend got away from me. We had a great holiday weekend filled with time with family and house projects. But the highlight was receiving the following picture via text message from Ronnie's brother, Andrew and his (now) FIANCEE:

Andrew is an amazing guy. He's funny, loving, and genuine. A real class act. We are so blessed that he lives close by and thats we are able to see each other a lot. He's forever saying yes to last minute babysitting requests and helping with our garden (which is actually Ronnie and his garden). When we found out he was ready to propose to his girlfriend, Kirsten (or Aunt Kiki as we call her around here), we were thrilled. He could not have found a better life mate. She is smart, funny, loving and gorgeous (I know, looks may fade but they are sure awesome while they last, right? Hehe). I am so excited to watch these two plan their wedding and start a life together. I am also thrilled to have another sister!! 

We love you guys and are excited for you both! Here's to the beginning of a new chapter!