Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fun with Food

I enjoy finding fun recipes for Ronnie, Mckenna and I to try. It's always a fun challenge to find things that are tasty, healthy, and meet our dietary restrictions. Right now Ronnie and I are eating (pretty) clean; Ronnie is avoiding dairy (to see if it helps); and I'm eating gluten free (long story, but I'm giving it a go). At the same time, we like delicious food and flavorful recipes. So I dig around Pinterest until I find something that fits the bill.

Yesterday I found two winners, so we made them both.

Banana Pops

The first was a relatively healthy, but really fun snack for Mckenna (although they look so yummy, I'd consider making a variation for myself). They're cake pops with a healthy twist. They are so easy, Mckenna did most of it herself. Here's what's in them:

1 5.3oz container of Light & Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt
1 tbsp raw honey
2 Bananas

We mixed the yogurt and honey. Dipped sections of banana on cake pop sticks into the mix. And then sprinkled the sprinkles on top. Put them on a cookie sheet or cutting board covered with wax paper, and put them in the freezer until frozen (we left them in for 6 hours).

**You end up with a lot of extra yogurt and honey mix, so you could do a lot more than 2 bananas.

This one is a winner. A delicious, delectable winner! I found this recipe on Pinterest. It makes clean, flour-less crepes (with just banana, eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla). The beauty of crepes is you can fill them with anything. I ate mine with peanut butter and strawberries inside and a sprinkle of chocolate chips on top. Ronnie had his with honey. Mckenna had hers with blueberries, and some sprinkles (it's amazing how many you have left over on the counter after you make the first I recycled them all day!)...note the side of Banana Pop on Mckenna's plate. These are seriously delicious and really healthy (depending on what you fill them with).

Both of these recipes are really yummy and have a lot of modifications you can do to add calories (for CF kiddos) or keep low calorie for everyone else. They both boast some good fats, carbs and protein.