Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Nachos

As I mentioned in a post last week, we are going to try to share more recipes on the blog because, well, we don't have a lot to say every week, but we do eat a lot, so why not feed the blog with our food too ;-)

One thing I'll note is that many of the meals we make are "low" in calories, but I will try to primarily share recipes that have good options of how to make them higher in calories and/or fat.


28g Mild Green Mojo Multigrain Snack Chips by Late July Organic (found at Costco)
1/2 c. bagged salad
1/3 c. Santa Fe Medley by Steam of the Crop
1/8 c. Stinkin Good Green Chile sauce with Pork
4oz Shredded Chicken by Del Ray

I put the chicken, santa fe medley, and green chile sauce in a bowl and heated it up. Put the chips on the plate, hot mixture on top, and topped the whole thing with the lettuce.

Total Calories: 295
Recipe Breakdown - Fat: 8g; Carbs: 29g; Protein: 29g

Who doesn't LOVE nachos? These are really delicious. They chips really make the meal. They are really flavorful, and I encourage you to pick up a bag next time you see them (we got ours at Costco). We tried them for the first time this weekend as a sample while we were there, and I couldn't pass up buying them. They are like those chips "with a hint of lime", but 6 times more awesome.

Some additives to make this higher in calories would be the obviously things like cheese, sour cream, guacamole, black olives, you name it.