Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Grammy's House

It's not Monday, but it's Mandi here. I didn't write yesterday, so I figured I'd write today. I was en route to visit my Grammy in Florida, so I didn't post, but that spurred on my idea for today's post...the top ten things I love about my Grammy's house!

10. The location - You can't beat being walking distance to a beach, in the sunny state of Florida!

9. The snacks - My grammy always has the yummiest snacks. When we were little, it was an abundant supply of gum balls and lucky charms. Now it's the latest divine invention on the supermarket shelves. I think I get fatter just walking in the door. I'm currently 10 Hershey's Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Almonds deep.

8. The meals - We eat well here, from yummy home-cooked meals like Goulash to eating out at fun beachside restaurants. There's always good company and delicious food on the table.

7. The smell - Everyone's house has a signature smell. My grammy's house has smelled the same way for all 27 years I've known her (and that's been two different houses). The smell is so glorious I would make an air freshener out of it and make my own house smell like it if I could. The smell is one that makes memories flood my mind and brings a smile to my face.

6. The decorations - The decorations are older than I am and each has a story. I remember playing with different knick knacks when I was 2. Each piece is unique and has a story to tell (well my Grammy tells the story, the piece just sits there)...I love hearing the history behind each.

5. The weather - Whether it's sunny or rainy, I love the weather. I love that it rains most days, usually just for a little bit. In Arizona we never see rain, so it's really refreshing to hear raindrops on the windows and hunker down inside.

4. The sounds - I love the music of the bugs chirping outside and the distinct sound of the front door closing. I love to hate the phone that rings as loud as a fire truck siren and the shrieking of my grammy's hearing aid when I hug her on the "wrong side".

3. The visitors - Grammy's house always has "extras"...bonuses, really. My Aunt Susan comes down to hang out. My Aunt Jo comes over from next door to say hi. My great uncle and aunt used to live next door and we used to play there and listen to stories. The company is always awesome!

2. The memories - We've been coming to St. Augustine Beach since I was born. My grammy's house and the house next door (that my great aunt lives in) were the homes of my great grandmother and my great great aunt. When we started coming, it was that generation living in the houses. When I was in grade school, it became my grammy and her sister living in the houses. I know this house better than my own. This house has been the only consistence house I've ever "had". We moved around a lot as kids (about every 3 years), so my house was forever changing. But not grammy's! One to two times a year I came to a house that never changed. It stayed its wonderful, warm, inviting self for 27 years. I know which floor boards make a little more noise. I know which stool will fall over if you sit on it wrong. I know which rules can be bent, and which never to break. I know which blanket I can cover up with when I'm chilly. I know which light switches do what. I know exactly where I can run. I have 27 years of memories in this house and this neighborhood.

1. My grammy - I've posted about my grammy before, but she's one of a kind. Time with her is time always well spent. We are always giggling. We are always smiling. We are always sharing a part of ourselves with the other. She brings me so much joy and I wish I could see her more than a week or two a year.