Monday, December 15, 2014

Sharpe: Family of 4...for now!

We officially got our foster license on Tuesday, and within 48 hours had a call about our first placement. We were so excited to jump in the car and pick up little baby N at the hospital. When I say little, I mean little. She came home with us at a whopping 4lbs 4oz. That's right. 4lbs 4oz. She is the smallest baby I have ever held, and has the sweetest little face.

The only person who adores baby N more than me and Ronnie is Mckenna. God provided all of us with the best first placement! N is so small that Mckenna can hold her very comfortably. It's a good thing God makes babies durable because Mckenna doesn't leave her alone. It is so heartwarming to watch Mckenna love on N. My heart bursts watching her hold and speak to her. When she's crying, you hear Mckenna saying, "I know, I know, sweet pea. I know, sugar. It's ok. It's ok." I love it!

She is a typical newborn. Loves to sleep during the day and party at night. Sleeps best when getting snuggled. And has the most adorable faces she doesn't even know she's making while she sleeps.

We transitioned pretty seamlessly to adding a new little love to our family for the time being. We have no idea how long she will stay, but we will love on her as long as we need to!

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Erin Lazerbeast said...

Congrats! I work in Labor and Delivery- we're often in need of solid family placements for babies during transitional times. I'm so encouraged that another loving family has opened their home to little ones in need!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How exciting! M's reaction to N's arrival is heart warming. I wish you could share pictures but I completely understand why you can't! You can tell how loved she is by what she's modeling when interacting with N. Did you (and if so how did you) explain to M that N will not be there forever? I think what's said would differ from child to child but I'm curious how you both handled it w/ M?

I hate to ask such a personal question so feel free to ignore me if I'm out of line! How much did Ronnie's CF come into play when applying to foster? As a single women who missed out on the chance to have biological children in any way (I waited to long to do it myself & I definitely have regrets) I have often thought about fostering. However, I'm single, I'm 44 and I have health issues! My issues are nothing as severe (or life threatening) as CF but I do wonder, as I said, how that played in the process if at all!

An acquaintance of mine who has health issues and is also blind runs a child care center out of her home and has applied and received her license to foster. It's harder to ask her these questions because no matter how you ask she takes the inquiry as questioning her ability to parent, foster, or teach children as a blind women!

Thank you for being so open about all that your family is going through (CF, IVF, fostering, etc.)!

Best wishes and as few sleepless nights as possible.


Sherri said...

Congratulations on your new family member. What a blessing you are to that precious child. It is so fun taking care of those little ones who need love and a home. We were "baby boarders" for an adoption agency for a short while and got to take care of babies who had been discharged from the hospital but the adoptive parents hadn't taken custody yet. That was back when they fairly pushed you out the door after having your baby. Insurance rules changed so the need for baby boarders dried up but it was sure fun.