Monday, February 9, 2015

A Fun, Fast Workout

Ronnie and I post all the time about our classes at the gym that we love, so I'm sure this will be a bit repetitive, but they're so good they merit another post.

We take two classes:

The first is Force: Training full Force at a High Intensity is proven to be the fastest way to reach your goals. Our Afterburn coaches motivate you to give your all with advanced movements designed to challenge your entire body during this team training session. High intensity anaerobic exercise burns more calories than simply doing cardio so join us in Force to blast the fat faster!
The second is Power: Designed specifically to build strength, POWER will take you through timed intervals that focus on quality and increased power through the movements. Participants will be challenged through multiple levels of load while perfecting their technique in order to achieve the optimal amount of strength through all ranges of motion.

One is more focused on cardio, while the other does more strength. They are both 45 minutes and have you doing 45-120 second intervals of each exercise. They are serious tush-kickers. But the best part, is that it's just 45 minutes and even though it's brutal, it's non-stop, so it goes quickly. We will start posting some of the workouts on the blog so you can re-create them yourself at the gym...because they don't require much equipment, and most gyms have the equipment needed. I'd also encourage you to look at your gym for classes like this and sign up if you're not taking classes is really the best workout you can get in 45 minutes, in my opinion.

The other cool thing is you choose you weight and the class can be modified for anyone. And as you get more fit, you just pick up your intensity.

Watch for workouts to come!