Monday, May 25, 2015

Home Again, Home Again

As of noon today, Ronnie is back home!! After 5 weeks in the hospital, we were all ready to get him home...there's no feeling like it!! They weren't going to do anymore IV antibiotics, so everyone felt it was best to get him home to recoup here. This is just step one in the road to recovery, but we are thankful that to have achieved step one and are fired up to knock out step two...three...four........five hundred...

Right now Ronnie is pretty weak. Between blood loss, muscle atrophy, and the beating his lungs took from all the blood, he is just plan tired and has trouble being up and about much more than a few minutes. We know that this will improve with time, and are just going to do what we need to do to balance the activity needed to regain muscle and lung function with the rest needed to heal and recoup. Another battle right now is major nausea. We aren't sure what is causing it, but it isn't helpful, so we are trying to work through it!

Ways you can be praying for us:
   - Give thanks - Join us in thanking God for stopping the bleeding, bringing Ronnie home, and allowing us to be together again. While we know we have a road ahead of us, our hearts are so joyful and thankful that we can all be together, under one roof, and traveling the road together. It is not lost on us that it is a blessing to just be able to be together, regardless of the circumstances. So first and foremost, pray a prayer of thanksgiving for us!
   - Stamina - I know it has to be exhausting to feel miserable for so long. And I know Ronnie is just plan tired. Please pray for stamina to push through the miserable-ness and tiredness to continue to get stronger.
   - No more nausea - Ronnie needs to start eating more to give his body the nutrients needed to heal. Pray that his nausea disappears, so eating isn't a chore.
   - No bleeding - Ronnie hasn't bled in nearly two weeks. Pray this continues!!

We cannot thank you guys enough for all the texts, messages, comments, and calls. Your love and support is felt and impactful!!