Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thankful Thursday: We can always be thankful!

Though things have been chaotic and a bit unpredictable, we still have an abundance of things to be thankful for.

We are thankful for family. Our families have rallied around us in a way we can never repay them...though my dad jokes one day we will (I'm wondering if the task of changing adult diapers is in our distant future. Ha!) My parents have stepped up and taken on full kiddo duty...for over a week now. They have rearranged their schedules, given up their sleep, and showered our little ladies with so much love and care. Ronnie's mom has been sharing hospital duties, sharing decision making, and overall being supermom to her son...and me. Ronnie's siblings have helped with kiddos when they were down here. His brother has been by, brought food, kept us company, etc. We couldn't be more blessed by the family we have.

We are thankful for medical care. Though our medical system isn't perfect, and definitely not a well-oiled machine, it is not lost on us the true blessing it is to be able to be treated in a hospital, full of well-educated people, completely paid for by our insurance. Without any of those three things, we would be in big trouble. And by big trouble, I mean big, big trouble!

We are thankful for possibilities. Today Ronnie will go down to Interventional Radiology (IR) for his 5th embolization this stay to try to stop the bleeding. This is our first defense. We are prayerful that this will be the last needed measure. Please join us in praying for this procedure to go well, and that it stops the bleeding. But if it doesn't, we are thankful that there are additional options. Don't get me wrong, the next options kind of blow, but we are hoping there are even more options than we have even been presented. But for today, we are thankful for the IR option, and are thankful that we have hope if the IR option isn't the solution.

Again, please join us in praying for Ronnie's procedure this morning. He is supposed to go in mid-morning Arizona time. Pray for a successful that is without hiccups and that fixes the bleeding. Our God is good and His plan is perfect!