Monday, June 1, 2015

The First Week Home

It has been amazing to have Ronnie back at home. We are all transitioning well into our new norm, but I have to say, Ronnie has done way better this week than I think any of us thought!

 In the hospital he was on around the clock oxygen and really was only up to go to the bathroom. He came home just on oxygen at night (that's what he's been on for the last 6 years), and has been getting up and around the house. He got home Monday and didn't do much around the house, but by today, he's been up around the house a lot, walking normally (verses kind of slow and hunched over like last week).

He's not quite as tired, though he does take naps here and there. He has also been getting out of the house at least once a day for something...whether it's swim lessons for Mckenna, church, or trips to the grocery store...we even went to a movie as a family on Friday morning. These little adventures usually wipe him out a bit, but you'd never know it, except for his sign of relief and relaxation when he plops himself back down on the couch when we get know the one an "ahhh" said as his body melts into the's the same ones I let out when I sit on the couch for the first time after bedtime.

He hasn't started actively "exercising" per say, as playing with the girls and an adventure or two is enough "exercise" for a day for the time being. He did order a new pair of running shoes, however, so I see short walks starting in our future. The only trouble is, with it starting to feel like the surface of the sun here in a Arizona, anything outside needs to be done early, and a trip to the gym is a bit much for 10 minute walk. So I'm thinking it will be a first thing in the morning type of walk.

As for his nausea, it's gotta way better, only surfacing on a rare occasion now. This is meant that he's been able to eat more normally, which has helped his energy level and healing. Right now comfort foods are what are sounding best, but getting plenty of calories and nutrition, making all the difference in the world.

Being less tired, less nauseous, in less pain, and not on pain meds has made a major difference in his personality. For a time there, he was just too tired, sick and uncomfortable to crack the jokes he usually cracks and be his usual goofy and sarcastic self, but now that he has the energy, he's right back to keeping us all on our toes with his whit. I have to say, I missed his humor and sarcasm for a few weeks there, so it has been amazing to have my hubby back in that regard. Like I said to Ronnie, I don't care if he doesn't get back to 100% physically, as long as we get him back to 100% himself!

All in all it was an encouraging week, and he's been a rockstar!!