Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Fun Week Away

To celebrate the 4th of July, my family took a trip to Cape Cod. My dad's whole life he spent a week or two at the Cape with his parents and aunt. When Josh and I came along, we started going with my grandparents and great aunt. We haven't been back for a long while, and for some reason, this year seemed like a great year to head back together. And it was the perfect trip for this time in our lives. We all rented one big house. It was perfect for my new niece's first trip. It was perfect for baby N's first trip. It was a great way to spend time together after the kiddos went down. We snuck in morning walks into town for coffee. We went for afternoon runs. We enjoyed way too much food and candy. It was amazing. Here are some pictures from the week:

We took a redeye there...everyone slept as much as possible

Seriously sleeping kiddos are so sweet!

I mean really!

When I say everyone slept, I mean everyone!

Except Chrissy...she was afraid she would drop Briella!

Playing and snacking

Ate at a place we've been coming to for YEARS. The banana split is out of this world!
We saw a magic show...Mckenna has never been so focused for that long, ever!
Morning walks for coffee were my favorite part!

Because I haven't posted a belly pic...baby boy was there too! 31 weeks!

Keni got her face painted and felt like a million bucks

My mom's brother, Brad, came too. Trips are always better with him around!

We got Dunkin...it takes a lot of Dunkin to feed that many people!

Turns out Briella likes the noise of Ronnie's treatments as much as most kiddos...Ronnie finished and decided to keep the noise going by draping the hoses next to her!

 Family corn hole tournament ended in a victory for Mckenna...seriously?!

I got to snuggle this little bug a lot!

Her daddy did lots of snuggling too!

A trip to the bandstand was full of fun and reminiscing all the years of bad music but good company

The last shot from the trip...bags packed at 6AM and headed out the door!

There is nothing that brings me more joy than family vacations!