Friday, June 19, 2009

Dang You Global Whatever You're Called Now!

7:15am: Definitely felt a little junkier this morning than normal. Not sure what it is, but I was coughing up mouth fulls of globbery goo. My legs were also still asleep this morning when I woke up due to the intense leg workout that Mandi put us through yesterday. I had to shake them for a while before they would actually respond to any of my commands. When I finally got them to cooperate I was off and running on the ol' dog walk. Ok, I wasn't running, but at least I was off. It was another great morning and to me it seems unseasonably cool out. Don't get me wrong, we're still 100+ during the day, but I always remembered it being way hotter in the mornings. Dang you Global Warming, I mean Cooling, or whatever you're called now. Well whatever it is, I hope it keeps up cause I love the temperature to be in the 80's while I'm walking. So if you're listening Global Climate Change, if you could just keep it where you're at for a while that would be great, thanks!

My legs really started to get warmed up during my walk and my feet weren't sore at all. Maybe that's the key that I can take away from yesterday: stretch out my feet until they hurt so bad I can't stand and then look forward to a pain free day the next. Who knows right? Well I also coughed my brains out on the walk this morning. The good news is that most of the mucus was clear with just a slight yellow tint being in some of it. Bad news is I may have coughed up all of the colorful stuff while I was in bed and swallowed it which would explain my slightly upset stomach. But I did get a ton of stuff out this morning so overall I am very happy about that. I'm just hoping to avoid the lung pain that often follows mornings full of coughing.

The next couple weeks I'll be keeping a very close eye on my lung health cause I know it could be getting to that time to get a tune-up again. I am very pro-active with my hospital stays and as soon as I feel myself slipping, I go in. For me, I need tune-ups to continue living the lifestyle that I'm accustomed to living.

Total Distance: 2.0 miles Time: 38'12"

Total Distance for Day: 2.0 miles

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justin said...

hey brother i will be heading home in july.. i would love too catch up with u...

Somer Love said...

Global whatever is causing it to rain yet again... jno pool days for me enjoy your sun! :)

I have resorted to vitamin D drops now :)

Jess said...

I have a question for you about tune-ups. How often does your doc like you to do them? Or is it just based on how you feel? Just wondering because I've had a PICC twice. Once in 98 for pneumonia, then last year when they thought it had been 10 years so let's do one. I'm thinking, should I be more assertive and try to do IV's once a year then? Just to stay on top of things? I've never known my docs to have a certain protocol type that I know of....thanks. :) said...

Since about 25 years of age or so I've been going into the "Hole" every three to four months. Before that I would go in about twice a year. As you see, I've always had tuneups, so to me, they are not a huge deal. I first was hospitalized when I was 10 or so. Speaking of PICCs, I've had over 30!

I'm VERY pro-active when it comes to hospital stays and I would even go in if my numbers didn't indicate that I had to. For me, it comes down to wether I can continue to live the lifestyle I'm accustomed to. If I find myself more short of breath, coughing much more, or just overall tired, I check myself in.

Some CFers "agree" with what I do and some absolutely hate it. I just know that to live my hectic lifestyle I have to be at full tilt. The only way I've been able to go from sick to "full tilt" is a hospital stay. To be honest with you, I'm not sure how my doctors feel about it. They do say however that they don;t know many CFers who take care of there disease or are more committed to life than I am. So I guess that's a good thing?!

Just know though that everything can be a double edged sword. Getting the antibiotics have been great for me, but in the long run who knows what they're doing to my other organs.

I hope that answered your questions.