Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Top Ten Favorite Movies

This may not be a comprehensive list truly reflecting my top ten favorite movies, but I don't think by fretting over this any longer the task would be any easier. I started by jotting down movies that came to mind as a "favorite" and then paring that list down to a top ten. The movie links will take you to a movie review site that I use to help decide what movies to go and see (I also use KidsInMind.com which rates them based on sex, violence and language). The site is called RottenTomatoes.com and they rate movies by a percentage (50% would reflect half of the reviewers giving it "two thumbs up"). It's interesting to see what kind of reviews the movies on my top ten list received. I encourage you to check out how your favorite movies were rated. You may be surprised.

10. Wedding Crashers -I've seen this movie about 20 times and is one of two movies on my ipod. *(L CH)
9. Shawshank Redemption -An absolute classic that I think ANYBODY would enjoy. Great story with an intriguing beginning, middle and end. (L)
8. Scarface -As a man, maybe I just feel pressure to like this movie. Seriously though, AL Pacino at his best. (L CH V)
7. Dumb and Dumber -I don't see how any human being doesn't find this movie hysterical. Come on, who doesn't want to see the snow ball to the face scene over and over again. (CH)
6. Goonies -I've probably seen this movie more times than any other. I watched it ALL OF THE TIME as a kid. I wanted to be a Goonie...I turned out just being a Goober.
5. Gladiator (1992) -Not too many people have seen this movie. It's about a kid from the streets trying to make ends meat for his family by doing some underground boxing. Cheesy at parts, but I love the movie anyway! (L V)
4. Old School -This movie is Will Ferrel at his best. This is the other movie that I have on my ipod. (L CH)
3. Gladiator (2000) -If you haven't seen this movie, go rent it right now. Violent in parts, but it will keep you on the edge of your seat and entertained throughout. (L V)
2. American History X -Another movie that a lot of people haven't seen. I think this is the best role that Edward Norton ever had (Primal Fear a close second) and the subject matter in this flick is truly remarkable. (L V)
1. Braveheart (V) -"Every man dies, but not every man truly lives": That quote sums up the movie as well as my CF Life.

My top three is pretty interchangeable. I could watch those three movies every day of the week at anytime. In my opinion, they are all true classics.


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Jessica said...

Aahhh! I loved American History X and everybody I've talked to about it either a) hasn't seen it or b) thinks I'm crazy that it's a favorite! Gladiator is pretty amazing too, except I don't like it as much any more simply because I really kinda can't stand Russell Crowe now, haha. Nice list!

Deb said...

ok, shawshank redemption is phenomenal. really, such a great movie. i haven't even heard of american history, but i do like edward norton and agree with you about primal fear.

oh, and old school? hilarious! what's not to love?

great list...

Denise said...

I knew you were cool...American History X is awesome!

Pegson said...

hahahaha man i love shawshank redemption...i own i on dvd and since i got a bluray the other week it was my first bluray purchase...its incredible.

CFsteph said...

Wow...7 of those would be on my to 10. I love Vince Vaughn! He cracks me up. Have you see The Hangover yet? That's is pretty funny.

Bryan, Jenny, Sydney, Jordyn and Bryce said...

Excellent movie choices. Bryan is thrilled that Dumb & Dumber made the cut. I am digging your your Top Ten List idea...

Lauren & Alexandria said...

Shawshank Redemption is amazing. The first time I watched it I couldn't even take my eyes away from the screen. I watched it twice in the same night.
GLADIATOR is amazing! I lovee it! Not to mention Gerard Butler ;)
My other two favorite movies are Armageddon and pearl harbor. They're both really sad, but really good. You should watch them if you haven't.

Dan said...

Braveheart has been on the top of my list since it came out. It has everything. Starts off with the love story and then 2+ hrs of brutal battle scenes with a little comedy throughout. Good list overall but you are giving the new comedies too much credit. You should include at least one classic. One of the big three.