Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Running is very hard...

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...and that's exactly why I chose that form of exercise over others. I realize that I could bike, or run inside, or swim, or take spinning classes or a myriad of other things, but I choose to run because it is such a challenge. The last time I ran a mile straight (outside) was in 1996. It was for a fitness test that was administered by our football coach. I ended up running the mile in 6m 14s but vividly remember collapsing on a mat that was set over a long jump pit. I was always good (and fast) at running short distances but would avoid running long distances like the plague.

Over the years, I have literally NEVER ran outside; I would always run on a treadmill. Running on a treadmill is so much easier for me and although I never ran consistently, I was able to do between 2 and 3 miles when I would commit to running for distance. But I didn't like it, it hurt not only my lungs, but my feet, ankles, knees, hips; if it was below my waist, it was in pain. Here's the deal though: It hurts for everybody. I think that many of us in the CF community (myself included) always think we can't run long distances because of Cystic Fibrosis. But I learned something very quickly when I started talking to other runners: I wasn't alone in my pain.

When I recommitted myself to this new fitness routine I wanted to challenge myself like never before. To do that, I knew that I would have to run. There was some problems though; I didn't like running. I found it boring. I found it painful. I struggled to run 30 seconds. I don't like doing stuff I'm not good at. I figured it was to late to become "a runner". I had joint problems already. It's hot in Arizona. My mouth get dry when I run. It's hard to breathe when I run. The list goes on and on and on. Now look back at that list- see anything there that is caused by CF? Neither do I. See when you run, CF or not, it's supposed to hurt. It's going to be hard to breathe. It may be boring. I have yet to talk to a runner that doesn't have breathing problems when they run. Sure, it may come easier to them, they may be able to catch their breath faster than I can, but I'm not trying to be them. I'm not trying to break any distance records. I'm not trying to be the best runner in the world. I'm just trying to be the best runner in MY world. When I run with Mandi, I'm never trying to be better than her, I'm only trying to be better than me. Unless you can find a carbon copy of yourself, there's no point in trying to compare times or the ease at which you run. All that matters is how YOU feel and what running (or exercise) can do for YOU.

Just remember, it's going to hurt. It may not be fun. It WILL be hard to breathe. But it will help with your lung function and your overall health. Isn't that what we all want???

Last weeks results:
Thursday: Walk 5 minutes, Run 2 minutes (4 cycles)
Saturday: Walk 5 minutes, Run 2 minutes (4 cycles)
Tuesday: Walk 3 minutes, Run 4 minutes (4 cycles)

Note: Tuesday's run was way easier than I thought it would be...on the first half of the run...which was downhill. I made it though and coughed up a TON of mucus along the way. I still don't see how I'm going to make it through this new running program, but I know I'll die trying...wait, maybe not die, but Mandi will have to pick me up off the ground :)

Another note: I was so happy after making the run that Mandi and I decided to celebrate....

...maybe it wasn't the best decision, but man did it ever taste so good!

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CFMama said...

Good for you, a reason to celebrate.

...and thanks for being such an encouragement to me on my blog. It is so difficult raising a son with CF when you have no clue what to expect. I appreciate you experience and wisdom.

Denise said...

Running is hard...that's why not everyone does it!! We do it because we're tough!

Katelyn said...

Ronnie, first of all, I love how y'all celebrated! I am always buying cake for some reason or another so it's good to know I'm not alone in my love of baked and sugared goods!

Second of all, you are doing a great job! I, like you, have to catch myself sometimes and remember it's not about seeing if I'm faster or better, it's about me being healthier. Healthier for me is running a 12 minutes mile as opposed to not running at all. I still struggle with it sometime, along with just the aspect of pounding the pavement, but when I remember it, it makes my running so much more fun.

Keep it up! You're doing a great job :)

Deb said...

you're making progress!! congratulations! and cake is absolutely the appropriate way to celebrate!

casey jones said...

Thats good!! Thanks for sharing that, I always thought I couldn't run because of CF...Wrong!

Anonymous said...

CAKE is good for everything!!! I can't wait to get home and start running!!!!

Pegson said...

looking great mate...I can see a difference in the week to week photo.. keep on at it..

Lovin Lane said...

okay 1st, I have to ask the teach hear to grade my PFTs.. Okay how I reported my son's PFTs... and I say teach respectfully, I learn from everyone willing to teach me lol..

Second, you CFers are really killin me, because truth be known Ronnie you would probably beat me in a race and I have NO excuse... Which yes I agree is completely pathetic... So Kudos.. I will have to get with the program eventually in order to help Lane build healthy habits, as of now he is 5 so he NEVER STOPS RUNNING lol.. Thanks for all your help... Marcy

Lovin Lane said...

Since you mention it... Nope after looking at so many people PFTs I could not begin to understand good from bad and under what curcumstance... I am so a newby.. I just go off the Doc saying thats good and will be better with practice... Really my son is doing great since he has the right meds now lol... he was treated all that time for asthma and allergies, and he was sick ALL the time... It is amazing what the right drugs will do.. This is the wellest he has been his whole life... Whoot... I really like that you document a lot of results from your entire life... So we shall have to take that bet and I shall match them up by age, and the challenge is You better get running lol..

Jamie said...

Thanks for being willing to cheer me on! I acually ran track in High School and would do like 4 miles a day. . . that was a long time ago, with crappy lungs. It's gonna be tough getting back into shape. Hey there is PF Chang's 1/2 iron man in January 2010. . . want to do it with me??? You're in Phoenix aren't you? Well it would be fun, and you don't have to actually have to be the fastest or place~ just finishing for us makes us winners :) Let me know!

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Jamie- Whoa, a 1/2 IronMan in January? Tell you what, I'll keep on running and if I'm in any position to join you, I will. At the very least, I can be there to cheer you on!

Katelyn- That's about the pace I run right now. Around an 11 minute mile.