Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Top Ten Favorite Things to Drink

While I was thinking of a topic for a Top Ten Tuesday, I became very thirsty.

A star was born...

10. Red Stripe- I probably average 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks a month. It will generally be beer pool side and once in a while some wine with dinner. My beer of choice has been Red Stripe for as long as I can remember. I actually got the chance to take a picture in Jamaica drinking some Red Stripe with the locals.

9. Root Beer- My love for root beer started with my grandma's soda closet. She had this little closet off of her hallway that was always full of root beer (either Dad's or A&W) and Coke. I ALWAYS chose the root beer.

8. Muscle Milk Shake- By far the most tasty protein powder on the market. I generally blend it with milk, peanut butter, banana, oatmeal, yogurt and ice. It definitely tastes best after a hard workout at the gym.
7. Mountain Dew- I'll usually order this at dinner if I'm feeling a little low on energy. I'm not a big soda drinker, but when I'm eating out, this one is usually available for my drinkage. Code Red Mountain Dew isn't bad either, but I must say, it can't beat the original.

6. Chocolate Milk- Here's another love that was created during childhood. My mom always had chocolate powder available to stir into the milk to make a tall glass of goodness. I remember as a kid not stirring the chocolate in all of the way so I would get a random "bubble" of dry powder in my mouth. Man that was good!
5. Club Soda- This is my drink of choice the 1 time a year I'm caught at a bar or a club. I just get club soda straight up on ice with a lime. It tastes like a belong, yet I don't act like a moron and I can fool drunk people into thinking I have a VERY strong drink in my hand. It's amazing how easy it is to convince them that it's loaded with vodka even after they taste it.
4. Water- I probably don't drink enough of the good ol' H2O, but when I do, I prefer it right out of the tap. If I'm forced to get bottled water, I'll go with either Smart Water (cause I like the bottle) or Fiji Water (cause it tastes the best).
3. Sunkist- I buy soda from the store for myself about twice a year. Sunkist will get the nod both times. I don't know when the love for orange soda started, but I have to admit that I do love it deeply. My brother and I always fight over which orange soda is the best. What do you guys think? Sunkist or Crush or Other?
2. Powerade- I generally drink Powerade or water throughout the day. Occasionally I'll sneak in #1 if I'm dragging a bit or just have a craving. I go with Powerade over Gatorade only because it's cheaper. I also love their pink lemonade flavor (in fact, I just picked up a case of it two days ago!).

1. Coffee- I look forward to waking up in the morning just so I can have that first cup of coffee. Seriously, if coffee didn't exist, I could see myself laying in bed all day with no motivation in the world. There's just something about that first sip that just gets me every morning. I have literally NEVER turned down coffee no matter what time of the day it's offered. If you're brewing, I'm drinking (and smiling).

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Kellee said...

Awesome choices!!
You would be one thristy man at our house lol.

Michael drinks milk ONLY and I do unsweet tea and gatoraide.

However I must say sunkist orange is great and nothing beats a yoohoo!!

OceanDesert said...

banana flavored Muscle Milk.. Mmmm!

... I know my #1 beverage is iced tea!!!

...and I totally agree on the Smart water bottle.

Sara said...

I think mountain dew and staying up late is very common in cfers. It's so funny. Most of the cfers I've meant have this in common. I used to drink four cans a day of the stuff and when I was in the hospital I wouldn't want it at all so I've been mountain dew-free for almost four months. Water is my main drink and I don't like it but it helps! :)

Jessica said...

FUN FACT! Did you know sunkist has more caffeine than mtn. dew?! I was never allowed to have caffeinated sodas when I was little (I'm pretty sensitive to it, and it would turn me into a demon) but my parents had no clue that orange soda had caffeine so I was always allowed to order it, and felt so slick every time. Ahhh, memories :o)

Smart water actually has a good amount of a couple of the gatorade-ish electrolytes we (CFers) lose when we sweat...I HATE water (I know, juvenille) but I can generally make myself drink this stuff if I can't get my hands on gatorade.

Helps a ton with hangovers too...um, so I've heard :o)

Anonymous said...

ok my fav beverage is coke, then koolaide...

right now I am really sucking at doing my vest. I have been SO scared to do it after getting my gtube. So honestly today is the first day I have done it...and it was great so I am going to keep it up 2 x's per day.

As for exercising...I chase a toddler ALLLLLLLL day...but I am going to start getting on the treadmill everyday. Is 30 minutes enough or should I go longer?

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Jessica #2-

Here's what I think. You can't get frustrated with your PFT results if you're not putting in the work. I understand that you just got out of the Hole, but that just kills off infection. It doesn't necessarily open up your lungs or get all of the junk out.

I really think you should commit to doing your vest at least twice a day and DEFINITELY get on that treadmill. For me, exercise does more for my lungs in terms of lung function than my treatments ever will.

I can promise you that if you really buckle down and commit to treatments and exercise you will at the very least, feel better, but I would almost guarantee that your lung function would go up.


Katelyn said...

Nice on the club soda!! When I randomly end up at a bar or club, I get Sprite with a lime twist. I'd rather fool people into thinking that I'm drinking as opposed to trying to explain why I'm not on the booze cruise.

Anonymous said...

I guess I just need some encouragement. Its so hard to find time in my day to strap myself into the vest. With my nebs I can easily turn it off and run really quick if my daughter gets into something...but the vest o boy lol. Its so hard to find time to balance my health, being a mom, and a wife... bleh. I know I need to b/c its only helps me be hear longer. I know I can't be too mad but I just figured doing all my meds would do atleast SOMETHING ya know. And I guess if I look at it atleast maintaining it did...

thank you..im going to get my butt in gear -swear lol.