Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

I must first mention that I don't think I really watch that much television. I may get in quite a few shows, but I have them all on DVR so I can skip over the commercials and save time. It's gotten so bad, that I actually refuse to watch TV live anymore. You can generally catch me watching one of the following shows during breakfast, lunch, dinner and from about 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Whoa, maybe I do watch a lot of tv? I'm starting to feel like a lazy sloth.

How many hours a day of television do you guys put in?

Honorable Mention: Any sporting event involving the University of Arizona, The Amazing Race, Survivor.

10. So You Think You Can Dance?- I can't claim to have watched every episode from all of the seasons, but I do go on "watching streaks" with this show. If I can start watching it from the beginning of the season, I'll generally get hooked on one or two contestants and make sure to watch just to see how they'll do. I still think most dancers are a little strange (sorry dancers), but they sure are entertaining.

9. Hell's Kitchen- I could do without all of his (Chef Ramsey) cussing which fills most of the airtime of this show with the sound of "bleeps", but I must say, he can get the best out of his chefs. Something must be working so I doubt he'll stop his antics anytime soon. Plus, every time he calls a female contestant a cow or dumbo, I do chuckle a bit. Sorry.

8. The Biggest Loser- Definitely one of the most inspiring shows out there. The new season just began, so Mandi and I watched the premiere last night. It was a good thing Mandi drank plenty of water through out the day cause I'm pretty sure she cried it all out last night. There are quite a few contestants this season that will tug at your heart strings. Example: A woman who lost her husband and two young daughters (one under a year old) 2 and a half years ago in a car accident. She said everything that she knew she was (wife, mother) was stripped away in that moment and that death would actually be a "good option" for her at this point.

7. House Hunters- This show falls in line with our passion for open houses. Mandi and I love touring homes and this show allows you to do so at the comfort of your own couch. It's also cool to be able to compare home prices all over the nation as well as architecture. HH is a great show to watch during treatment time cause it requires no sound.

6. Judge Judy- Before meeting me, Mandi was a self-proclaimed hater of Judge Judy. I told her to give the old bird another chance and now Mandi can't get enough. If you're ever feeling a little down on yourself, I'm telling you, watch an episode. I don't know where they find some of these people, but they manage to bring in the dumbest, trashiest, clueless and most desperate people of all-time. If watching these people get berated by Judge Judy can't help you feel better, I'm not sure what can.
5. House- I've been told by a couple of doctors that this is their favorite medically related tv show because of it's accuracy and because of the lead doctor's antics. I'm sure many of them wish they were allowed to say to their patients what Dr. House says to his. It's also cool for me to watch because they often mention medicines I've taken or run the patients through tests that I've done. If you haven't seen House before, I strongly encourage you to check out the new season which starts this week!
4. Sports Center- Maybe some of you out there don't really consider Sports Center a television show, but I do and I can watch it all day long if I had to. What's weird, is I can watch the same sports highlights over and over again and not get sick of seeing them. I'm not saying that I'm a sportsaholic, but I'm also not denying it either.
3. 48 Hours Mystery, Dateline & 20/20- I grouped these together cause they're basically the same show, they just happen to have different hosts and be on a different network. If any one of these shows deals with a murder mystery of some sort, I'm glued to the screen. Here's how bad it's gotten: If I go to watch a DVRed episode of one of these shows and it turns out that it's a repeat, I feel like a piece of me dies. Ok, it's not that bad...or is it? I guess that's the mystery. (Man that was pathetic)

2. The Office- I've never been able to watch the same episode of a show over and over again like I can with The Office. I'll notice things said that I didn't before or see a character do something in the background that I missed the first time. I laugh almost the entire time while watching the show and I would HIGHLY encourage you to rent all of the past seasons and catch up on what's going on. You won't be disappointed.

1. American Idol- Here's one of my tv claims to fame: I've missed ONE episode of American Idol in ALL of the seasons it's been on. I seriously think that it's the best show ever and I wouldn't be mad if it survived another 50 years...as long as Simon continues to be a part of the show. Goodbye Paula, you will (not) be missed.

This is for all of you Kris Allen fans out there:

Let me point out that this list is of current shows and doesn't include some all time favorites like Seinfeld and King of Queens.

Any shows that I haven't listed that are "must see tv"?

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Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

I watch SYTYCD too, but I haven't caught it at all yet this season. I have never watched House, but want DVR so that I can because it looks really good. The Office is my favorite tv show!!! I never miss an episode, have them all on DVD and re-watch them constantly!

Denise said...

I watch so much more tv now that we have DVR. Hells Kitchen is on my list along with a ton of shows on HGTV. Have you seen real estate intervention yet? It's really good.

CFsteph said...

I could not narrow mine down to 10. I love TV. I have watch all the shows you listed. I too think it is funny that I can watch 3 hours of sports center and not get bored of the same highlights. I also love the crime dramas, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and the original CSI. I will need to blog about last night and the decision on what to DVR because we can only record 2 shows and if we want to watch TV during that time, it needs to be one of those shows. That really sucked!

johncoleman1 said...

if you like the OFFICE you should check out the orignal OFFICE with Rickey Gervais.Its much funnier

Katey said...

I've really come to like the Biggest Loser, and i think this year's contestants are great!

I also love watching House Hunters, American Idol! I've gotten away from watching House, but love all the medical TV Shows! Great list!

Tonight with the season Premier of Grey's anatomy, the team of doctors, surgeons, etc., were in the operating room about to retrieve organs from one of the cast members (whose character on the show had died). One of the surgeons demanded to know where each of his donated organs were going (ex: kidneys, lungs, heart, etc.). And the lungs were going to a 22 year old Cystic Fibrosis Patient. (Of course, this is a TV show, but I thought it was great that they decided to use CF as the recipient of the lungs)

Lucy's mom said...

I LOVE Hell's Kitchen, SYTYCD and Idol. I am determined to be a contestant if they ever come up with a bartending reality show! Lucy's mom pouring drinks! LOL!