Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who Makes Lung Transplants Possible?

Here's what I'm thankful for this great Thursday:

-I'm thankful for cool fundraising events to benefit the CFF. This weekend we have the Annual Arizona Firefighter Challenge and Stair Climb in downtown Phoenix. This has been a really fun event since its inception and one I look forward to every year. I'm also fortunate in that I was invited to speak about CF and the event at a breakfast meeting last week with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. We both spoke about the importance of getting involved in the community and encouraged the business leader who were in attendance to get involved with the event. I'm hoping for an even bigger turnout than last year and even though this may be a downtime economically, I KNOW that we can raise more money this year.

-I'm thankful for the ability to connect to music. I generally have headphones in the entire time I'm working (currently listening to "Free" by Gavin Degraw) and can be found listening to one of my over 10,000 songs on iTunes. The nice thing about having so many songs to choose from is that I never have to listen to the same thing twice unless it's by choice. That's where connecting to an artist or song comes into play. If I feel that "little something extra" for a song, I can listen to it on repeat for hours and hours (in fact, I can do the same with movies). Some artists that I've had on repeat lately: Gavin Degraw, Tyrone Wells, Counting Crows, Corey Crowder and Brendan James. What song or artist do YOU connect with?
-I'm thankful that God created organs that can be transplanted. Isn't He a magnificent God? Not only did He create lungs that could be taken out of one and given to another, but He gave humans the ability to actually figure out that it could be done and then do it! I've had many fibros and cystas over the years that have been given a chance to live a second life by receiving the lungs of a donor. I currently have some fibros and cystas waiting for those perfect lungs and anxiously await the day that they are not held back by diseased air bags.

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Dan said...

As a father who someday will probably face this issue (my daughter is almost 4 now), it is important to watch the progress of the science of transplanting. I'm learning slowly, unfortunately, but getting there.

As you know, I'm also getting ready for a fundraiser this weekend, so hopefully we'll both be successful!

LittleM said...

I stole your 'fibros and cystas' thing a few days ago on facebook and keep getting kudos.. lol i love it.. where'd you get it?

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

I believe I heard it first from one of my cystas- either Somer, Piper or Sara. Not really sure who though...


Princess Talana said...

I think the Cysters came out of the group of us of I know we have been using it for awhile, then added fibros so the boys wouldn't be left out.

OceanDesert said...

LOVE your list for obvious reasons ;)

BTW - We've never tooted our own horn on this one, but I believe Sharlie, Somer, and I began the term, Cysters. It all started when the 3 of us started an email/pen pal of sorts back in the Spring of '08. We would chat back and forth about CF and our lives and formed a great bond in the process. Shar's hubby started calling us "Cystic Sisters," and then I suggested we shorten it to 'Cysters.' That's the first I have heard of the term, anyhow and we started signing off on eachother's blogs as, Cyster (or cysta) Sara, etc. and then we noticed it all over the web. Hmmm.. maybe that'd be a fun email string to post on my blog??!

Katey said...

We definitely have a magnificant God!!! Transplanation is truly amazing and I too, am EXTREMELY thankful for that!

We had a CFF fundraiser tonight (well, last night technically); and another CFF Golf event October
5th, which I speak at as well!

just peachy~ said...

I just wanted to say Thank you Ronnie for creating this website and sharing your journey with us. It's my mission to bring this awareness about CF, as alot of people have no idea what CF is in memory of Trent Harter who passed away with this disease at the age of 28. He was not eligible for the lung transplant.
Thank you again for creating this website and I wish you the best with your journey and a long life ahead.