Monday, September 7, 2009

Some people work (for me) on Labor Day

Wouldn’t you know it! It is my big day to chat with you and Ronnie steals my thunder. After all, I am the one writing on Labor Day, and Ronnie chooses the day BEFORE Labor Day to tell you all about it.

As a matter of fact, I should not be working at all today according to the history and information he shared with you yesterday, so I won’t. Instead of sitting down and beating out an informational tidbit, I will share with you the some of my joys about today. I can sum it up in two words, family and fun. We are in Florida and enjoying some time with some of my Mom’s side of the family and the Florida beach and sunshine. The latter is a hope for, as in Florida any day can include both sunshine and a downpour all within an hour of each other, only to have the sun pop out again and just makes things a bit steamier. Yes, that is something that is a bit hard to get used to, for Arizona is not exactly the steam bath area of the world. We have been joined here by my brother and his girlfriend, both also from Arizona, so we are all smiling and sweating together.

My Grammy's house in St. Augustine Beach, FL

The beach has been a great place to get that morning walk/run in and the scenery is just a tad different than that we see when we do our “daily” at home. Somehow it doesn’t seem so much like exercise as an adventure. We walk, jog and run on a strip of white sand that is so packed that cars drive on it as if it were a paved road. One of the nice things is…we are only two of many that are doing the same thing. Misery loves company! When the exercise portion of the morning is done we limp home wearily and wet with sweat. The latter describes Ronnie, for being the lady I am , I perspire. We head for the pool to cool off and let me tell you, that is a shocker. At home we get into a tepid if not just plain warm pool to loll about. Here, we jump in, gasp, have second thoughts an even third, but it is delightful once you get used to the feel of ice cubes surrounding you. Florida nights are getting cooler and so is the pool water. St. Augustine is in northern Florida and yes, they do have seasons, so it is not balmy breezes the year round and the temperature of the pool water is testimony to that fact.

A relaxing stroll down the beach

Strolling down St. George’s street in the oldest community in the USA is another way of giving our new sneakers a workout. Fudge and French pastry makes those morning jogs a necessity not only for clearing the airways, but for taking off the bulge that could appear in one heck of a hurry. Because my Grammy is not in love with the kitchen and her stove, we are also walking off the effects of too many evenings of eating out and not always choosing the most lean item on the menu. Getting back in the groove when we get home will hopefully take care of that. Don’t worry about Ron’s weight dropping this week.

St. George Street in downtown St. Augustine

Since it is my day off and Ronnie has already told you everything anyone would ever want to know about the holiday, and since the beach and family are waiting, I will just say….Happy Labor Day. Enjoy the time with family, friends, and the fact that the alarm clock did not have to go off this morning for most of the working force. If you do have to work today…Thank you for being there for us.

Ronnie's getting old...

I promise to be back on the job next week and Mandi’s Monday Musings or Meltdowns will be more like the usual thing.

Now for true confessions… I will have to be very honest with you…Mandi didn’t write this at all! She is in bed sound asleep, for after all it is Labor Day, and being the loving Grandmother that I am, I am filling in for her. If it seems a bit different than her regular notes to you just factor in the difference that 57 years makes!

From left to right: Mandi, Josh, Chrissy, Susan (aunt), Grammy, Ronnie

Note from Mandi: ...when I woke up this morning, my Grammy gave me this little surprise! She is one of RSR's biggest fans and reads every day. There is no place like my Grammy's home and no one sweeter than my Grammy. This is one of my favorite places! And since we can work from anywhere, we decided we'd work from FL for a few days and then spend the holiday weekend playing with my brother and his girlfriend, Chrissy. It's been incredible to catch up on some sleep and enjoy a weekend solely relaxing...

Chrissy and Josh

Tell me what you did on your day off...

We're obviously super excited to be here :)

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OceanDesert said...

FUN!!!! Grammy sounds fabulous... and grammies who live near the beach.. EXTRA fabulous! Pix are fantastic! Makes me miss the beach!!!!.... and Mandi, we should seriously exchange sundress wardrobes... I'm pretty sure that's all we would wear if we could!!

hugs to y'all and looking forward to our hiking/breakfast morning!!!

Kellee said...

You guys are not far from us at all!!
You need to head on over here for some vacay!! (and then you can take the stick outta M's butt and get him runnin again)

Have Fun!!