Thursday, September 10, 2009

Went to the Grammy's!!!

Here's what I'm thankful for on this great Thursday....

- Home. There's just nothing like being home. It's not that I don't have a great time on a vacation (thus my need to take many of them) but I must say, I relax WAY MORE at home. I'm a big routine kind of a guy. When I'm on vacation, my routine gets completely thrown off and I feel like I'm constantly playing catch up. I explained it this way to a friend recently: Being at home feels like a vacation and a vacation feels like work. Am I the only CFer who feels that way?

My home may be smaller :)

- Grammy. As in Mandi's grandma. She was actually willing to put up with me this last week and make me feel like one of her own. She has such a warm soul and an open heart that it is pure pleasure being around her. She also has one of the best memories ever. She can recall stories from 1947 while I have a hard time remembering what happened in 2007. And as a bonus, she makes some of the best goulash (not Hungarian, grammy style) ever!

Get it?

- Tylenol. I woke up with a headache behind my eyeballs this morning. One of those "head in a vice" and my eyes are going to pop out kind of headaches. I tried the whole rubbing the temple thing. No luck. Squeezing the muscle between my thumb and my pointer finger? No dice. I then just started to press on my eye balls hoping that making them bleed would let me forget about the head pain. Then Mandi reminded me that they actually made little white pills that help these sorts of things go away. Thank you Tylenol (the generic brand, whatever your name is).

I only took 3, don't worry.

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Bryan Jones said...

Hey Ronnie- I am thankful for my awesome volleyball parents. Our fundraiser last week went great. We raised right at about $3,300 that night. Most of the money is going to the CFF. The VB parents wanted to do something for Bryce- so they put a portion of it in a tax deductable account we have set up for Bryce's medical expenses (the ones not covered by insurance)! AND it just so happens that the announcer we had come in used to be a spokesperson for the CFF about 7 or 8 years ago! He was really excited to get to spread some CF awareness again! It was a great night.

The only bit of bad news is we lost for the first time this season. But hey, it's cool. We are 20 and 1 now. We'll get to see that team again soon enough.

Laby said...

Same! I love traveling and have lived out a suitcase all summer. But routine is so much easier to follow when you are at home or staying put for a while. Plus, it is harder to make yourself sit around for a treatment when you are on vacay.

Graciy said...

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