Monday, November 9, 2009

Everyone Can Use a Cheerleader

As some of you may remember from my previous posts, I am training for a half marathon that is at the end of this month. I ran yesterday, as Sundays are my days to get a long run in, but I really really really didn't feel like running. I could think of a million and one reasons why I didn't want to go and a few why I shouldn't go! It was hot, I had to do it alone, I was tired, I could just do it tomorrow, I hadn't been drinking enough water so I'd be dehydrated, and many, MANY more. Never-the-less, I laced up my Asics and hit the pavement. It was not a very enjoyable run from the start. Just one of those days when everything feels off, and as my mouth dried out and my legs went numb, I constantly had to keep my mind from flashing back to all my reasons as to why I shouldn't be running. I had to keep the little voice in my head from saying, "told you so." With a mile and a half left in the run, I saw Ronnie on a bike riding towards me, yelling, "Good job honey." Boom, I instantly felt less tired, had more energy and suddenly the last 1.5 miles didn't seems so far (although my mouth was still just as dry). Ronnie rode the last leg of the run with me; cheering the whole way.

It reminded me how far a little encouragement goes in motivating me. Somehow, a few cheers from the sidelines really does a lot for me. When we got home, I told Ronnie how awesome it felt to have him cheer me on when I felt so tired. We both agreed that it's a good thing to remember to do more often. Not only when we're running, but with anything. This really goes for all things related to CF: treatments, exercise, hospital stays, taking meds, PFTs, and the list goes on. Stuff that is not so fun, and often times tiring, becomes a lot easier with a little help from people on the sidelines.

This week, I've made it my goal to be super uplifting to the people around me. Join me and do the same!! Hopefully, someone in your life will return the favor!!