Sunday, November 8, 2009

Favorite Things About the Hospital

Today, I'm proud to present to you a blog from a cyster that I have recently met over in the Facebook world. Which reminds me, if you have Facebook and you read this blog, find me and friend me. If you already are a friend, then make sure to suggest to me other CFers and CF parents that I can meet! Ok, back to this great blog that will be featured today. It's by my cyster Sydna and her blog can be found over at I really like the positive spin she put on hospital stays. I myself may have to write up a "Top Ten Things about Hospital Stays" but for now, I give you Sydna's top ten. Enjoy!

With an impending hopsitalization on the horizon, I thought I would compile a list of my favorite things (a.k.a. the silver lining) about the hospital (affectionately referred to as Spa Seton). Mind you ladies and gents, these are in no particular order...

1. Rather than having to get up each morning, put on makeup, curl my hair and find something cute to wear, I can simply put on my pajamas each morning, or rather, keep them on! What's not to love about an excuse to wear pajamas all day? And, it's expected. I can even get coffee in the gift shop or go across the street to Caffe Teo for a spiced apple cider and they see my PICC line and bam, pajamas are instantly perfectly acceptable attire. 14 days of pajama bliss without makeup and hair!!

2. No dishes!! I loathe dishes. They are the bain of my existence and the number one reason why I don't cook all the time. I hate doing them. I hate drying them. I hate putting them away. Dishes slightly stain the ritual of cooking. For 14 days I have no dishes but I get home-cooked meals! Sign me up :)

3. Nebulizer treatments. Now hold on before you get too excited - not so much the actual treatment as it's not my job to remember them! The RT (respiratory therapist) is supposed to remember my treatments. :) She comes in, sets it all up, hands me the cup and I breathe. Hmm, I could get used to this. Afterwards, she rinses it out and we repeat every four hours.

4. Coffee and other breaks! My doctor gives me a pass to leave for up to four hours each day. It doesn't always work out, but the nurses are super nice and they don't count the trip across the street for coffee as a "pass" so I can indulge in lattes and pastries from La Madeleine (a stone's throw from the South entrance), Caffe Teo and the cute gift shop in the North lobby. And since we all know I'm a glutton for coffee, this works out well.

5. Battle scars! Growing up, I was always the caution kid. The kid who never broke any bones and rarely came home with cuts and scrapes (minus the incident where I thought I could magically skateboard down a steep drive even though it was my first time and instead managed to reacquaint my stomach with both gravity and the gravel street). When I leave the hospital I come home with a PICC scar. You're thinking I'm mental but finally, I get to be like the other kids and show off my battle wounds!! I now have four of these white scars in my arm and they all have a story to tell.

6. The craft-o-matic bed! Remember those commercials for old people where the bed bends in all these funky shapes to make it more comfortable? Guess what ladies and gents - the beds at Spa Seton do the same thing. And you too can enjoy them, but only if you are lucky enough to stay there. They bend up, they bend down and they rise up. Adam and I like to climb in to the tiny bed, put up the guard rails (careful, it gets rowdy in our bed!), raise it all the way to the top and watch TV. The bed goes nearly to the top of the room. It's quite entertaining on a rainy day :)

7. Friends! We're all busy and we all have lots of commitments and obligations. But, I get to see more of my friends when I'm in the hospital because they love coming to visit me in the spa. :) In two weeks' time I see more of my wonderful friends than I see in a six-month period I bet. It's a great way to catch up!!

8. Nap time. I adore nap time. I took it for granted in kindergarten and all during camp, but now, I love it! I just don't get naps anymore. Ironic how that works out :(. Needless to say, I have ample time to nap at Spa Seton. There is nothing better than curling up with my pillows and Lefty (my squishy elephant, aptly named Lefty so as not to be confused with the Republican elephant) in the late afternoon when the sun peaks through the curtains.

9. Food network! I can watch food network all day long and not feel even the slightest bit guilty! Then I get out my laptop and save all those delicious recipes to my recipe box :) I could watch this channel almost all day and never get bored. It's fun waking up, catching the news, actually seeing the sunrise (usually I'm at work before the sunrise and my office is sans window so I usually have no clue what the outside world looks like until I leave at 4p) and then watching the food channel, reading, playing games and not feeling like there is something I should be doing (e.g. dishes, cleaning, etc.) As I said, I don't have to make dinner, do the dishes, clean up my apartment, etc. It's like a vacation from life and it's mundane chores.

10. Beef tips. I know, this seems out of place. Let me explain. My mom is a fabulous cook and she never cooked things like beef tips in brown gravy on rice. This is Luby's food!! Damn, it's good. Sunday evening is beef tip night. I could eat this every night. Good thing the CFers are on double portions so I can have twice as much. Sorry A, no dinner for you on Sunday nights - I'm eating my 2nd portion!!!
So what do you guys think? Do you have your own list? You can either leave some of your favorites here in the comments section or contact me if you'd like to write a guest post :)