Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can CF Teens and Parents Find Common Ground??

A good friend of the CF community and puppet master Josh Mogren, brought up a great "debate" question over on that I wanted to get the RSR reader's take on:

I have spoken with a few teenagers who claim that their parents are too overwhelming of a presence in their lives. While this is common place among most teenagers across the globe, what happens when you add Cystic Fibrosis to the equation? Teens feel trapped by their parents because they don't feel like they are allowed to make their own choices about their lives and learn from their mistakes. Most parents I have talked to say the reason that they are so concerned for their children is because they don't see their children doing the best they can with their healthcare and daily routines that would improve their lives. Some have seen other people's children pass away from CF and fear the possibility that this might happen to their child. So they refocus their energy toward making sure their child thrives. The parents feel (rightfully so in some respects) that they have given their blood, sweat, and tears to their children and that CF lives are too precious to learn from mistakes because the results are far too costly. CFer's and Parents....let's honestly discuss...where can we meet in the middle? How can teens understand their parents point of view and earn their trust? How can parents learn to start letting go and trusting their children? Positivity and respectful responses are a must! This is thin ice territory, but it must be traveled on...

Parents, what do you think? What is your responsibility to your child and at want point does that responsibility shift? Teens, when can you begin to shoulder some of the burden for your "cystic life"? What's the best way for your parents to handle this transition?

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