Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not So Bright and Shiny

I wanted to spotlight today follows the life of a little boy named Conner with CF. It's written by his mother Sarah and is called Not So Bright and Shiny. Sarah considers herself very blessed to have a boy like Conner and knows that she was chosen as a CF mom for a reason. They recently got back from a trip to Hawaii in which Conner got to experience sights and sounds that his mom could have only dreamed for him. I love happy and positive blogs from the CF community. Here is their journey in her words:

Trip of a LIFEtime

Gosh...I'm not even sure where to start. my heart is swelling with the love that was shown to us this past week, that will live with us our entire lives. There's simply too much to tell. The stories of generosity, support, and love from family and complete strangers alike. This trip far exceeded our greatest hopes and Conner's greatest dreams. Pictures really say it all, and we took, almost 900 of them on our own cameras. But the grandparents took more as well.

He saw whales, whales everywhere...
he saw lava...he went in a helicopter, he went swimming with the dolphins and fed them fish, he received a lei greeting, he swam in the ocean and pools, he saw a hula show, he went to an authentic luau and saw the fire dancers, he saw his dad and mom do the hula on stage, he saw his papa attempt to blow a conk shell to start the luau, he saw what humidity does to his baby brothers hair (CRAZY!), he went in the cockpit of the hawaiian airlines plane and learned to fly, he got the pilots REAL pilos wings (not fake ones..his own real one), he saw a mongoose, he saw plenty of beautiful flowers, he saw black sand, he saw spinner dolphins and bottlenosed dolphins, he went on a whale watching cruise, he saw the entire island by helicopter, he joined the thousands of locals and travelers who write their name in the black lava with white coral rocks by writing out his name to be there for years to come, he had a Hawaiian pastor pray a healing blessing over him, he left his footprints in the crystal white hawaiian sand, he buried his dad in the sand at hapuna beach, he picked out gifts for his friends, he had time for lots of hugs and kisses for his family, he saw water as blue as he'd ever seen, he saw Gods beauty and grace everywhere, everyday, and every minute.

I can't even begin to say thank you to those who helped us get there by prayer, support, money donation and grace. Conner received over $530 from people we met on the island, when they met him and heard of his story and struggle. People were just so generous to our family. Their generosity made his wish of swimming with the dolphins come true, another persons generosity allowed him to buy the hawaiian airplane he had his heart set on, another generous gi
ft allowed us to be able to go to the authentic luau, another gift bought us meals for the airplane and tonight for dinner just the 5 of us. he was able to get and do everything he wanted. Yet he shared with his brothers and family. His heart is so generous.

There simply aren't enough words in this world to describe the way I feel about this trip. The way we all feel about this trip. How greatful I am, how I am the luckiest wo
man in the world that I was chosen to be his mother, how blessed I am to be able to hug him and kiss him whenever I want know he's ours, if even for just a moment longer.
No, I'm not a dancer, but to fulfill his wish of me doing the hula in front of an audience was a no-brainer for me. I got to see him smile because of that. Who cares that I looked ridiculous. To see the smile on his face for getting to bury his daddy in the sand which he's been talking about for weeks was heart warming.
Yes he struggeled a bit to breathe, sure he wasn't feeling very well for most of the trip, and of course he missed out on some amazing island food because he was too ill to eat but oh my gosh...he did it! what an amazing journey. He got to do it! and he LIVED every minute of it to the absolute extent of his abilities. He cherished it. He loved it.

there's simply just too much to say, too many stories to share. and simply not enough time or even the words to speak it aloud...jus
t know that God was ever present on this trip, I felt him from the tips of my fingers to the tippiest of my toenails. He made this possible. He brought these amazing experiences to reality and planned them out so perfectly. because he loves us. because he's there for us. because thru all our struggles these past years he's proven to us without any doubt that he infact, will NEVER leave us. and we, as a family will never be the same again.

y amazing.

If you get a chance today, stop by Sarah and Conner's blog and say "aloha"!