Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's Help This Cyster Out!!!

I'd like to introduce you guys to a fellow cyster, Chelsey Werchan. She is 23 and currently working on her Master's degree in Health Psychology.

Her thesis for her Master's is examining airway clearance adherence and quality of life in adults with CF. She says, "I'm so excited for this opportunity to advance knowledge in the field of psychology and medicine to help the medical system better communicate and work with our population!".

Here's where we come in. She's conducting a study to help her for her thesis and she needs participants to answer some questions. I did the survey myself and it took me 10 minutes. The only qualification that I know of is that you have to be an adult CFer. She will collect no personal information in which you can be identified and an email isn't required. It's painless, quick and simple...and I actually found the questions very interesting. Promise.

Here's the link to the survey and I highly encourage you guys to take 10 minutes out of your day to help out Chelsey and support her great efforts: