Monday, February 15, 2010

The Weekend of Love: Engagement Photos, Bridal Shower and Dinner Date

With Sunday being Valentine's day being the day of love, we decided to make this the weekend of love. Well, maybe it wasn't a conscious decision, but somehow all of our weekend activities were love-based.

On Saturday Ronnie and I had our engagement photo session with a great guy and great friend of ours, David. You'll have to check out his work because he's spectacular. He is so great at snapping reality, not posed pictures. And that's EXACTLY what we needed because Ronnie and I aren't exactly the most photogenic couple, so David's ability to capture us, just being us, was crucial. So anywhoooo, we all headed to downtown Phoenix a few hours before sunset, and began posing all over town. We had a blast. With Ronnie and David cracking jokes, I think we were able to capture a handful of genuine smiles. After a long photo session, that even included a wardrobe change (sounds legit huh?) we headed to a GREAT bbq joint in the city that I have never been to that the boys raved about and had some bbq pork sandwiches, french fries and beans. It was a FUN shoot and a FUN time watching the photo master, David, work his magic. As soon as we have the photos, we'll be sure to post some for your viewing pleasure (and possibly a few good laughs at our "picture smiles").

THEN Sunday morning was my brother's fiancee bridal shower (Her name is Chrissy if you missed any blogs about my bro and his new fiancee, getting hitched on March 28th). It was a great opportunity to meet the other ladies in her life and her family's lives that I didn't already know. We did the standard lunch, gifts, and a few fun games. It was a great way to spend Valentine's day morning, basking in the glory of my brother and his bride-to-be's love.

Then it was home to my own Valentine for the remainder of the day. Since my mom is in town, we decided to postpone the romance to next weekend, even though she INSISTED that we go out. We have many many days to be romantic, and only 2 more until she heads back home. BUT we had a great afternoon and evening together. Ronnie and I found a great recipe online for a yummy chicken casserole and headed to the grocery store (one of our favorite activities together) to get the raw materials for our masterpiece. We came home from the store and did some prep work for the meal (I love cooking with my man in the kitchen...he always pauses to crack some jokes, give me sweet little kisses or give me love pats :) !!) After dinner prep, came some nice cheese and crackers while watching Fool's Gold (anyone seen that movie? It's CUTE). It was then onto the main course and a new show, Undercover Boss (we HIGHLY suggest it). And that was just about it. We spent the remainder of the night snuggling up on the couch channel surfing and just enjoying time together.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend of love. As I told Ronnie earlier today, it's the only Valentine's day we'll spend as an engaged couple, and this weekend was a perfect way to celebrate. What did you all do to celebrate love or rebel against it? Any single people out there have an anti-valentine's day party? Have any Valentine's day parties or dates? Let me hear it so I can snag some romantic ideas for next weekend when we have our V-day bash numero dos.