Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top Ten Things I Missed About Jezzabel

I got Jezzabel back this weekend after she had been staying with my mom during all of Josh and Chrissy's wedding stuff. I wasn't around much and the last thing I wanted to do was leave her home alone all day. My mom, as she does often when I go into the hospital or out of town, took her off of my hands for a while. It doesn't take long for me to start missing her, but these would be the top ten things I miss most:

10. Not having my morning walk partner

9. She's ALWAYS happy to see me when I come home

8. It's super cute when I don't know where she is and then discover her out cold on her doggy bed

7. The way she stretches and yawns every morning is hilarious

6. When I'm at Mandi's house I'll take her down to the wash and let her run loose and explore

5. The way she shimmies and rolls around on the ground to scratch her back

4. When she puts her head in between her paws and stares at me with her big brown eyes

3. Hearing and seeing her dream after she falls asleep (she's always chasing something and barking at it)

2. The way she stands at the door so patiently when she wants to go outside

1. Snuggling with her (although she doesn't beat Mandi)