Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Count The Days

Just got back home from a great date night with the wifey. We agreed that since we're such big home bodies we would at least plan a date for each other every month. July was my month so I "planned" to take Mandi to a concert and then reverse happy hour. I say "planned" because it sort of just became my date night as we were already planning on going and because reverse happy hour was Mandi's suggestion. Dangit, I really need to step it up!

Anyway, we went to a show featuring Nameless Prophets, Ernie Halter and Tony Lucca. Our buddy Jay is the lead for the Nameless Prophets so it was definitely nice to go and support him. We were both very excited to see Ernie Halter as well. He actually sang "our engagement" song (which was the song that was stuck in our heads during our engagement and also the song we put our engagement photo slide show to). The highlight of the night was when Ernie dedicated that song to Mandi and I. Our buddy Jay tipped him off to the fact that we dug that song and that it meant a lot to us. He was nice enough to point us out and sing the song, "Count The Days", directly to us. I wanted to put the video up, but for some reason it won't download. I'll make sure to put it up here soon though. For now, you're stuck with just pictures from the event :)