Monday, August 2, 2010

Slacker Monday

I know I know, I'm horrible because it's 11 am AZ time (meaning for many of you folks it's 2 pm) and I'm JUST getting a blog up.

As many of you know, I have been in San Fran all weekend for the CFRI conference. It was a BLAST. It was great getting to put faces to so many names and voices and to meet many people I didn't know before. I will admit, I have SEVERE small talk anxiety, so the thought of making small talk all weekend made my heart race and my palms sweaty. But as soon as the weekend was kicked off, I was chatting away sans racing heart and sweaty palms...everyone was so nice and comfortable that it made small talk bearable - even enjoyable!!

Some personal highlights - in pictures:

I finally met Lisa Greene, a CF mom and parenting guru in person after MONTHS of talking on the phone and working together!

I got to spend time with some great people in the CF world, some faces of Genentech, Novartis and Blooming Rose Foundation (BRF)
Some GREAT women - CF moms rock my socks.
A pair of FUN CF parents that I finally got to meet in person!

Grandma Bev has been around the CF community forever and runs CF Pharmacy in FL - she's a real spark plug and who I want to be when I'm grown up.
Kat from BRF again - on the right, Rose, a freakin' awesome cyster and it was soooo awesome meeting her in person after watching her over and over again on the Breathe video (in the middle is her BF)
This smiley lady is my hero - CF mom and incredible person. I'm lucky enough to see her quite often, but having her at the conference made it that much more enjoyable. She's a riot. (Can you spot Jerry Cahill?)
Finally after talking much on the phone and respecting all that she does, I got to meet Carroll Jenkins, CFRI executive director, in person.
More CF moms - These ladies are the best!