Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's in a Google? WHY DOESN'T

Here's something I started a couple of weeks ago on RSBR, cause as we all know, the weekends are slow around here. I call it "What's in a Google?". It's simple really; type one word into Google and see what the magic bot suggests for you. Once in a while, you can get some pretty funny suggestions. What's crazy, is I'm pretty sure that it means these are the most common searches.

Word: why doesn't

Top suggested searches:

why doesn't he like me
why doesn't he call
why doesn't mac have viruses
why doesn't he love me
why doesn't corn digest
why doesn't anyone like me
why doesn't alcohol freeze
why doesn't God heal amputees
why doesn't facebook look like this
why doesn't redbox have avatar

I've highlighted my favorites. What's funny, is I think I've asked just about every question there except for the love/like ones. I mean seriously, why doesn't corn digest? Why doesn't alcohol freeze? Why are there so many amputees out there who nobody likes?